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Heading north from Cape Town the path in to the Zimbabwe capital Harare is okay. From Harare heading north into Lusaka but beyond there heading into northern Zambia, the street is overweight with plenty of potholes. It’s these central regions of Africa where the standard from the streets drops and you will find many sections in Tanzania and Kenya that are unpaved and therefore are affected by armed bandits.

The section in Ethiopia can also be mainly paved but there’s a piece within the north west which remains unpaved in addition to some hazardous mountain terrain. From Ethiopia, the path continues directly into Sudan which is in the border with Egypt the issues really start. When Lake Nasser was produced within the sixties, the increasing waters ingested in the previous border crossings and also the capital of scotland- Wadi Haifa was moved. It’s been a long time since road crossings were allowed from Sudan to Egypt and also the only access has become by vehicle ferry. Once in Egypt, paved streets run completely as much as Cairo.

Eventually the Cape Town to Cairo road is going to be complete and also the route is called Trans-African Highway 4 and is among 9 freeways being planned to provide better road links towards the entire region.

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