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Vodacom Cape Town Airport

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Vodacom Cape Town Airport

vodacom cape town international airport Vodacom is one of the leading communications companies in Africa providing mobile, messaging and data services. At Cape Town Airport the Vodacom branches can be found at the Domestic and International Arrivals Hall. The stores can be visited to take care of all of your mobile needs while in Cape Town. Cellular phones have become a real lifeline to people around the world, and is vodacom cape town airport really handy during international travel. At Vodacom Cape Town International Airport, you can buy airtime for calls and messages or data for internet access, for your cell phone. With a cell phone on hand you are able to make calls, send messages, read emails and stay current on social media. Most modern cell phones also have navigation systems so you would use this instead of renting a unit out from a car rental agency, if you would be driving yourself around. Stay connected with your mobile and call for help immediately if you do run into any sort of trouble in the Cape. Data bundles can also be purchased for a 3G modem which can be inserted into a laptop. This will allow you to stay connected to the net during your time in the country.

vodacom cape town international airport Data bundles are also available for 3G modems. Here as well, you would have to purchase a sim card from Vodacom Cape Town International Airport. If you do not have a modem, then one can be purchased from the store as well.


A sim card is needed to access the local communication networks. This can be purchased from Vodacom Cape Town Airport. According to South African law, all vodacom cape town airport sim cards must be registered. This can be done in a matter of seconds at Vodacom Cape Town Airport. Unfortunately, this cannot be done in advance. Usually, a physical proof of address is required but at Vodacom Cape Town Airport, foreign visitors to South Africa may provide a Passport and the location of their accommodation to get it done. If you would be travelling into the country at Cape Town Airport, then it would be best to handle your cellular requirements here as they are best equipped to help travellers. Other Vodacom branches in Cape Town may not sell you a sim card, for lack of physical address. Once the sim has been registered, you would be able to purchase airtime or data bundles and load it onto the phone. If you have exhausted the amount you have initially purchased at Vodacom Cape Town Airport, then you would be able to purchase an additional bundle at other Vodacom stores in Cape Town, as well as some retail stores which carry them.


Services provided at Vodacom Cape Town Airport

  • The latest cell phones and accessories
  • Data products
  • Insurance claimsvodacom cape town airport
  • Porting
  • Migrations
  • Talking points
  • RICA registrations- all sim cards are required by law to be registered.
  • Cash sales- customers are not required to sign into a contract deal. A once off cash payment can be done for phones, data, airtime etc.
  • Package Deals- at Vodacom Cape Town Airport, customers are able to get prepaid, contract or upgrade their package deal.


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