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Thrifty Car Hire at Cape Town International Airport

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Thrifty Car Hire at Cape Town International Airport

Everyone wants to go on a dream holiday. Everyone thinks of this much deserved getaway, but always dread the complications and lengthy procedure that goes into booking a holiday online. No need to stress, with Cape Town International Airport your holiday is just a few happy clicks away. Cape Town International offers you the wonderful option of searching and comparing Airlines that best suits your needs and pocket. Choose from British Airways, Mango, South African Airways and Kulula.

Located 22km away from the city center it is located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and at the foot of the spectacular Table Mountain. If you find yourself at the Cape Town International Airport you will be at one of the best airports in the world as Cape Town Airport was ranked the 22nd best Airport in the world at the 2016 Airport Awards. Travelers were responsible for voting for the airports at which they had the best experiences. Once you have decided where and when you want to go on holiday all you have to do is type in your departure and arrival date and you will be given a range of options with different times that you can chose from that will be compatible for your travel. Now that you have the date and time all booked, checked and double checked. What to do next? Many people get so caught up with the thrill of the holiday and arriving at their destination that they forget about how they will get from one tourist site to the next after they land. Chose from one of our many car hire rentals such as Dollar Thrifty car hire at Cape Town International Airport. With just one click of the button you will be able to choose from a variety of different car hire rentals and be able to see which company has received the best 5 star ratings. All of us are “thrifty” when it comes to spending money so why not use Thrifty Car hire at Cape Town International and save. You have a choice of comparing prices and choosing a package that is best for you. With Dollar Thrifty car hire at Cape Town International Airport you are dealing with reputable legitimate companies that offer safe and comfortable services. There are also many privately owned services that will provide you with an airport shuttle that will not only be your shuttle from the airport, but all around the city too.Dollar Thrifty car hire at Cape Town International Airport

Use Thrifty Car Hire from Cape Town International Airport to tour the many tourist destination sites while on holiday in the Mother City and having the convenience of your own car rental is an added bonus. Whether you using Thrifty Car Hire at Cape Town International or any other car rental you can be sure that you will never be stranded. Many of the helpful staff will be available to render assistance and point you in the right direction. The main goal of Thrifty Car Hire at Cape Town International Airport is to make your holiday a memorable experience from the first click of the button when you book your flight till the moment you get back home safely. You can book your Thrifty Car Hire at Cape Town International Airport or online before you even leave for your trip. You can also cancel or amend your car or dates online hassle free. Thrifty Car Hire at Cape Town International Airport is very easy and convenient with great deals and extra services offered to you that you will need when you are on holiday. At Cape Town Airport you will be able to check on the website which planes have landed on time or which planes are delayed and you can also check your departure and arrival times. Ever lost your luggage at the airport. No need to worry. The baggage handling system are fully automated and process many bags quickly and efficiently with security being the top priority. No need to panic if you have forgotten your toothbrush.

Thrifty Car Hire Cape Town International AirportThere are many retail stores ranging from bookstores, clothing stores, currency exchange, and souvenir stores. Restaurants can also be found at the airport terminal which includes fast food, coffee shops, and sit down restaurants. So there is no reason to be hungry on a flight. If you drove yourself to the airport there are over 5500 well-guarded parking bays for long term or short term parking. So you can have peace of mind that your vehicle will be safe while you are away. While waiting for your flight you can relax and enjoy some quite time in one of the many lounges that are available for you to use at your leisure. Situated next to the airport is Hotel Verde who provides free airport transfers and Wi-Fi to their guests. So you will always be in contact with your family and friends, texting and calling them to let them know that you are ok. If you are lucky to have your family with you at the airport to send you off on your holiday then they will be able to view the planes that are arriving into or departing from the Airport from the terminal building. Now once you have your transport you will be heading off to one of our comfortable villas, cottages or hotels that you had the pleasure of booking online for your perfect stay at the Mother City. You will be able to choose accommodation online that offer great views and scenic routes. You can also choose a self-catering accommodation so you can be free to cook and eat as you please while still on holiday. So if a fantastic, hassle free holiday is what you are looking for just go online and book your airline ticket, your accommodation and your Thrifty Car Hire at Cape Town International Airport and let your holiday experience begin. It is so easy and convenient with just one click of a button.

Thrifty Car Hire Cape Town Airport



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