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Tempest Car hire Cape Town

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Tempest car hire has been in business since 1986. They saw an opening in the market and took the opportunity to launch a car rental company with excellent customer service leaving every client who makes use of their service with a smile. Tempest car hire Cape Town is committed to bring consumers low car rental rates. Tempest car hire Cape Town is also involved in Corporate Social Investment Activities. One such activity is proudly supporting and contributing to the Imperial & Ukhamba Community Development Trust and their development initiatives at schools in the Orange Farm area. They clearly do care about people. Whether travelling for business or leisure, they promise to meet everytempest car hire cape town need in a car hire Cape Town rental vehicle. They have a fleet of over 3000 vehicles which ranges s from economy vehicles to people carriers and Luxury vehicles. Tempest car hire Cape Town rent out vehicles for daily rental, or weekend rental, one way rental or even long term rental. Tempest car hire Cape Town services all the rental market needs but their focus is providing quality rental vehicles, high customer service and affordable prices. They had to find creative ways to cut down costs. They have successfully done so, and their clients can’t seem to stop smiling because of this.  If your intending to go on a holiday in a few months, here are two tips to make you trip to Cape Town pleasant.

Tempest car hire Cape Town tips

Tip 1:

You need to plan ahead.  Accommodation should be first on the list. It is advisable to book quite early in order to reserve your ideal room or flat let. It is never nice settling for what is left because you left the essential things to the last minute. It is also advisable to book for flights as early as possible to take advantage of the discount offered.  Once you got this out the way it is advisable to start browsing the net and finding things you possibly might be interested in. Make a list of at least 10 places you want to visit in Cape Town, find out if there are any costs involved and how far out or where in Cape Town it is situated.

 Tip 2:

Make sure you use Tempest car hire Cape Town. It is the best way to get around the city at your own pace. With Tempest car hire Cape Town you are guaranteed reasonable rental rates, with short and longer term options available. Although public transport in the city is improving, but it is much easier and convenient travel via you Tempest car hire Cape Town vehicle rather than having to wait for a bus or a cab to take you to all the places tempest car hire cape townyou want to explore.

While driving on the highway in your rental vehicle with your arm sticking out in the window, make sure that that arm has a lot of sunscreen. The sun is hot in Cape Town and it is your duty to look after your skin while Tempest car hire Cape Town looks after your vehicle.

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