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StayEasy hotel

stayeasy hotelThe brand new StayEasy hotel

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It takes small things to ruin your whole vacation. When planning a trip, accommodation is something you plan ahead. You take your time to while research the place and if it suits your budget and needs. Once it checks these boxes you pre pay, if your smart. So if the hotel facilities are great what could possibly go wrong?

Bad service versus StayEasy hotel

Well something as basic as poor customer service could be enough reason to never step foot in that hotel ever again. From receiving bad attitude from the staff or inferior products in the room, all of this can certainly turn you off as a person.stayeasy hotel

There are many reasons for poor customer service. They range from  people not being trained. Some hotels do not take enough time to thoroughly train their new employees. Thisis evident when an employee doesn’t know what they are doing. Consumers sometimes do not have the heart to deal with such employees. StayEasy Hotel has dedicated enough time and resources in ensuring that their staff is well trained and will be able to perform all the duties that is required of them.

Another reason for poor customer service is when employees don’t believe in the company. This is the pits because if they themselves do not believe in the company hw else are they going to reinforce that image to clients. StayEasy Hotel has insured that the image, marketing and promotion of thecompany is the same as reality. Their employees believe and pride themselves working for this established brand just as StayEasy Hotel Cape Town believes in the values that it has set forth and works according to them.

The last reason for poor customer service is employing people who don’t care. It is very important to select the right personality and not just based on qualifications. Once an individual with the right attitude is hired it the next step is to train them to be at the level you require them to be. StayEasy Hotel understands this and have employed this strategy from day one. The minute you step into the premises you are greeted by a friendly face eager to assist. This is the type of attitude all the employees of StayEasy hotel have employed.

StayEasy hotel is situated at the Canal Walk shopping centre and business park in Cape Town, South Africa. It is 3-star hotel which prides itself on ofstayeasy hotelfering comfortable accommodation, where guests get value for their money. The hotel is close to various amenities due to its location. StayEasy Hotel Cape Town has a combination of 205 double or twin standard rooms. The deco is stylish yet modern. Comfort is one of their key priorities and each room meets this standard. StayEasy Hotel’s owner has years of travel experience. They understands as they too have been travellers. They also have a 24 hour contact centre that operates 7 days a week.There is nowhere in Cape Town where you can find a hotel that is perfectly positioned between the airport and other major landmarks this affordable

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