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Robin island

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Robin island

The town of Cape Town is found on the south western tip from the African region, within the most breathtaking natural locations on the planet.

The number of Cape Town site visitors know that our historic, enigmatic Robben Island is really the summit of the ancient mountain, now hidden underneath the waves and from the Blouberg shoreline by an underwater saddle?

Robben Island consists of a lesser layer of Malmesbury shale which shapes its wild shoreline, included in a layer of limestone and calcrete, and capped by sand along with a myriad fragments of spend. The area measures 5.6 kms approximately. from north to south and a pair of.6 kms approximately. from east to west. The greatest point is 24 metres above ocean level.

The inhospitable immersed rocks ringing the shoreline from the island possess the status of sinking some 22 ships beginning using the Yeanger of Horne in 1611.


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