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Rental Cars at Cape Town International Airport

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Rental Cars at Cape Town International Airport

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car rentals ape town international airport About Car Rentals at Cape Town International Airport

The following companies offer car rentals at Cape Town International Airport

  • Europcar
  • Bidvestrental cars cape town international airport
  • First Car Rental
  • Avis
  • Tempest
  • Woodford
  • Comet
  • Thrifty

With that list, customers have a choice of both local and international companies. They are some of the major players in the rental industry, and though it may seem a lot of companies for one airport, the Cape Town Airport is the second busiest in the country and loyal customers would want easy access to their rental branch of choice. With their preferred branch, so close to the car rentals cape town international airportterminal, they get to walk over to get themselves a hired vehicle to use as their own in Cape Town. Customers are able to book out their car rentals at Cape Town International Airport when they land but why waste time at the branch when this can be done online. Use a site such as ours and get majority of the reservation done well ahead of time. Doing your car rentals at Cape Town International Airport online, allows for selection of the vehicle, personal details and payment to be done. All that is needed at the branch will be verification of this information, a sign off on the vehicle and a small inspection to ensure that the vehicle is in good condition. When it comes time to fly out of the city from Cape Town Airport, return the vehicle to the branch and walk over to the terminal building to catch your flight.  There is no need to rely on any other transport means other than the rental vehicle.


Rental Cars at Cape Town International Airport

The following list details all of the different vehicle types that can be hired when you do your car rentals at Cape Town International Airport. All vehicles are maintained according to strict tourism guidelines and are always rented out newly cleaned to a new rentals cape town international airport

  • Minibus vehicles can be used for a larger group of people, and is the vehicle type to look for when doing car rentals at Cape Town International Airport. Minibuses or smaller people carrier vehicles come in various sizes to accommodate anywhere between 7 and 16 people, and their luggage. It is the cheaper choice than having to rent out multiple smaller passenger vehicles.
  • Vans- vans are great for off road travel but can also be hired if extra space is needed for luggage or work equipment. They can be hired in a single or even a double cab if the extra seating is required. The canopy at the back can also be opted to be taken out.
  • Sports cars can be found in the prestige range of some of the companies offering rental Cars at Cape Town International Airport. These vehicles are the height of elegance and are some of the most expensive vehicles. It is therefore sometimes required for customers to have ample driving experience and financial requisites to be able to hire one of these vehicles. Though, if rental cars cape town international airportcustomers do qualify, they will be the envy of many an eye while driving down Cape Town’s highways.
  • Sedans and SUV’s provide a luxurious and comfortable ride. They come with some of the latest innovations making the drive and ride that much more exciting and entertaining. These are the vehicles that are used as part of the chauffeur service by most agencies offering rental Cars at Cape Town International Airport.
  • Hatchbacks can be considered the unsung hero of a fleet. In a time when people are looking to save where they can, this range of vehicles steps in to save the day. Hatchback rental Cars at Cape Town International Airport do come with rates that are cheaper than the other vehicles but they are not older models. With rental cars at Cape Town International Airport, you can be sure to get a newer model vehicle as companies are always upgrading their fleet. The older vehicles which are on average around 2 years old can be purchased by the public as a used vehicle.


Counter Products

When you do car rentals at Cape Town International Airport, you also have the option of taking along some additional items which will make road travel easier and safer.

  • GPS units- Cape Town to visitors, can be quite difficult to navigate. This is where a GPS comes into play. Just enter in the address or coordinates of wherever you wish to go to and you will be directed right there. The verbal commands ensure that your eyes remain on the road.
  • Baby seats- if you want to keep a baby or toddler safe and comfy during road travel then hire out one of these seats. They are much more effective in keeping them safe, than being in someone’s arms, if the vehicle does get involved in an accident. Remember to verify the type of seat you reserve as they come in different sizes to accommodate infants, toddlers and older rental cars cape town international airportkids.
  • Bike racks- to store several bicycles efficiently, get one of these racks. They fit to the outer back of a vehicle and make placing and removing bicycles between destinations, so much easier.
  • Insurance or waivers- the rental vehicle will be your responsibility during your hire period. Therefore, any damage both minor and major, will mean you are liable. Protect yourself from this and select these products.
  • Trailers- if the boot area will not be enough of room for your stuff, then consider hiring out a trailer instead of going for a larger vehicle.
  • Hand controls- allows paraplegic drivers, the ability to drive an automatic vehicle only with the use of their hands. They must be hired in advance to ensure the availability of a vehicle in which they fit into.
  • Additional driver- with rental cars at Cape Town International Airport, only the renter is allowed to drive the vehicle. If there will be another person who will be driving the vehicle, then they must be added and their driving documents must also be provided during pick-up.


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