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Rent a cheapie Cape Town

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Let us briefly look at the history of Rent a Cheapie. In January 2006, Grant William Baker was approached by his German neighbour to borrow his VW Golf for a few days. He had wanted to have full access to a vehicle for a couple of days. Although there were many options to hire a car in Cape Town, he soon found that the quotes were really out of his range. So he then sought out an alternate choice. He offered to pay his neighbour R100 per day. The arrangement was one he was very happy with, which prompted him to return a few weeks later referring to the vehicle as Cheapie, to borrow it again. That is when Rent a Cheapie Cape Town was born. He then bought three other vehicles and used his double garage as his office and hub for Rent a Cheapie Cape Town. The business continued to grow with 50 more vehicles being bought and all operating at the same premises. With time there was no more space as the company had grown and had to move to bigger premises. Fast forward to 2015, the fleet has grown to be 180 vehicle strong which range from entry level cars like VW Gold to your higher end such as the Volkswagen Amarok.

Rent a Cheapie Cape Town is the cheapest alternative for car hire Cape Town. Car hire in itself, is the cheapest means of getting around the city in private means. You are in charge of your route rent a cheapie cape town and times and then do not have to constantly haggle out taxi fees. With Rent a Cheapie Cape Town, travelling becomes even more affordable. Travel to Cape Town has never been cheaper, with the onslaught of budget airlines, the likes of Mango, Kulula and Flysafair. Rent a Cheapie Cape Town is the perfect complement to this, as your transport option once you land in the city. Ground travel can really add up, and many people do not account for this.

Rent a Cheapie Cape town specializes in offering clean, reliable vehicles at excellent rates. You have an option of a manual drive or an automatic drive. A reliable vehicle at an affordable rental price used to be pretty hard to come by. That is, until Grant came along and shook the industry upside down. People renting vehicles were not limited to hiring newly released vehicles. They had the choice of going with older model vehicles, with daily rental rates which were lowered to this effect. If a vehicle is only to be needed to get between short distances in the city, then you could really do with the vehicles provided by Rent a Cheapie Cape Town.

Not only do unlimited km and insurance come with their vehicles, they also offer 24 hours, 7 day week road assistance in case of a break down. This is not to say that it is always needed, but just an assurance as you would receive at any other car rental agency. It is always nice to have this kind of backup assistance from any service provider. Rent a Cheapie Cape Town has a dedicated mechanic who handles the maintenance of all vehicles.


Reasons why Rent a cheapie Cape Town makes sense:

Reasons why Rent a Cheapie Cape Town makes sense:

Rent a Cheapie Cape town is ideal if you want a reliable hassle free car at an affordable price.  What works for Rent a Cheapie is that they can opt for a basic car rather than a car with fancy features which many people enjoy. This is a great bargain if most of the time you are going to spend in Cape Town is on the beaches and the metropolitan areas. If this is your plan in Cape Town, then yourent a cheapie cape town will not be spending much time in your vehicle. So, why then should you spend more than you have to, if the vehicle is simply there just to get you from place to place? You do not have to worry about staying dry with Rent a Cheapie Cape Town, or staying cool in the hot Cape Town sun. Rent a Cheapie it is cheaper than public transport when you think about it. You pay as little as R89 a day depending on the make and other conditions in comparison with a cab that doesn’t take you far for the same R89. In addition to this, you are not at the mercy of the taxi driver’s time and can schedule your day however you see fit. This is the beauty of a rental vehicle.

Car rental expense can hinder you to truly enjoy your holiday. You are not only paying for the car rental but also for the petrol bill. So if you can get a hold of a small fuel efficient car you are able to fully enjoy without and stress as each fill up takes you the extra mile.

Most Rent a Cheapie Cape Town customers are those who fly into the city. Travellers do have the most need for a rental vehicle as they would have left their personal vehicle back home and made use of the convenience and speed of flying. The Rent a Cheapie Cape Town branch is not located at the airport, but airport shuttles are available between the 2 bases.


Hiring a vehicle at Rent a Cheapie Cape Town

So what documentation do I need to rent a Cheapie? Well you need to have a valid driver’s licence. This is a given for renting a vehicle. You need to be able to drive a car in order to be able to rent rent a cheapie cape town one out. It is also important to note that at Rent a Cheapie Cape Town, it is the person who will be driving the vehicle who is responsible for driving the vehicle. Additional drivers can be added to the rental agreement if need be. Also acceptable at South African car rental agencies are International Driving Permits. If you are travelling the city and are a foreigner, then this document will make it easier for local agencies such as Rent a Cheapie Cape Town to be able to easily validate your driving license. Make sure you bring along your ID, or Passport if you are not South African. You will have to pay a deposit excess either cash or via your credit card and lastly make an upfront payment of the rental days. With this all sorted and the paper work read, understood and signed, you are able to go off into the sun set with your rent a Cheapie vehicle. This is after you have a chance to inspect your vehicle, of course. You have to be happy with your rental before leaving the Rent a Cheapie Cape Town office.


The Rent a Cheapie Cape Town Fleet

  • Cheapie. This is the vehicle grouping we have become known for. They are your extremely budget vehicles, with the lowest vehicle rental rates in Cape Town. The cheapie is our most requested and booked vehicle. These vehicles have garnered a loyal following of customers. As we have mentioned, if you need a quality vehicle that is light on fuel to get you around in the Mother City, then this will become your go to choice.
  • Hatchback. Hatchbacks are similar to cheapies, but if you do require a vehicle with a little more features and comfort then this is the vehicle type that you should probably go with. Compared with other options for vehicle hire in the Cape, you will still be saving quite a lot as they are not brand new vehicles. They  may be a couple of years older, not by much, but still offer those creature comforts that you may have gotten used to in recent years from vehicles.
  • Family. The family cars from the Rent a Cheapie Cape Town range are your SUV and sedans. These are larger which not only keeps a family in a comfortable travelling setting but offers a bit more room at the back for luggage or general storage. They can also be used by the travelling business folk. if you are going to be doing your fair share of driving while you are in the city, for example from meeting to meeting, then this vehicle type will get you around in absolute driving a cheapie cape town
  • Automatic. Not everybody knows how to drive a manual shift vehicle or maybe you like the ease of operating an automatic drive vehicle. This is why Rent a Cheapie Cape Town provides both of these driving options for our customers.
  • Bakkie. A bakkie is a local term for a van type vehicle. Not every traveller will need to transport only themselves or a few passengers. There might be need to carry stuff around. In this case, a car will just not suffice since it would make the packing endeavour a bit more difficult. This is when a van is needed. With ample open spacing at the back, it is ideal for easy packing and to get more packed into indeed.
  • 4×4. This vehicle type from Rent a Cheapie Cape Town is to be used when off road driving is going to be done in the city. This could be because you are travelling into wildlife reserves or are going to be taking a rustic camping holiday in the Cape. Whatever your reasons, this is the type of vehicle which best handles this rough terrain. Rent a Cheapie Cape Town also provides trailers to be hired along with these vehicles. The trailer itself is a storage containment but the added and more exciting feature to the trailer offered by the rental agency is the tent. It is a rooftop tent which come with the trailer and is attached on top of it. For your added safety out in the wild, Rent a Cheapie Cape Town has got your back.

For them, it is more than just hiring out a vehicles. They are invested in cheap and quality cars which are going to serve their customers well during their stay.

rent a cheapie cape town

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