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Rent a car Cape town

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The procedure to follow when you rent a car Cape Town

  • Rent a car Cape Town Agencies
  • Book online or walk into agency
  • Read through the car rental agreement

Things to remember when you rent a car in Cape Town

If it’s the first time you rent a car in Cape Town then this article will answer any questions you have. Firstly the big question is wharent a car cape townt the procedureentails when you rent a car in Cape Town. You have a choice of either booking online or walking into the premises to do everything manually.  If you’re scared of doing everything online just know that major car hire Cape Town agencies gladly accept walk-in customers, but the disadvantage to this is that you might not find the cars you looking for because it they have been rented out.  So to ensure that you are not left disappointed, place a reservation for the rental using the company’s website. Try to do this as early as possible, sometimes you get charged at a lower price than a walk in customer would be.

rent a car cape townSo you rent a car in Cape Town  online or manually and paid, the next step includes going to fetch you vehicle right? Yes, you are correct but the consultant needs to verify the reservation and if you paid or not. You will be asked to present your driver’s license and credit card. Hold up what is the credit card for if you already paid in advance, well the credit card is used to ensure the vehicle will be returned. They charge a “hold”. The driver’s license is to verify and validate your identification, license status and age. At this point you have a choice of adding a second driver. So if you going on holiday with your spouse then this is an excellent idea, especially if the drive is far out. But remember an additional fee might apply. So do shop around and look for rent a car Cape Town quotes if you are unhappy. So you happy with everything and the consultant hands you the rental agreement.

Please do not sign before reading the contract. Rent a car Cape Town agreements differ from company to company; it is in your best interest to read beforehand. In the rental agreement they mention how mileage is calculated, not all companies offer unlimited mileage, also when the car must be rent a car cape townreturned, any grace periods and additional costs that you may be liable for. After reading all of this and taking an informed decision to sign, you are now allowed to take the keys to the vehicle. So do you choose any vehicle or are you assigned a vehicle. Well most rental companies have the car reserved for you. Before jumping in and driving off, please do a quick inspection of the car to see if you’re satisfied. Check the interior and exterior of the car, check whether the petrol tank is full, if you see body damage or if something is not working properly be sure to inform the rental agent immediately because failure to do so might possible result in you being liable for all this once you return the car. If everything is right with the car, do not hesitate a minute longer. Off you go and enjoy what Cape Town has to offer. Car hire made easy.

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