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Nelson Mandela

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Nelson Mandela

Prison conditions were harsh in individuals many the warders were famous for his or her brutality. The criminals were created to complete hard manual work inside a lime quarry, however in their spare time committed themselves to ongoing the struggle, when studying and fighting illiteracy.

The ANC was unfrozen in 1990 by the year after the environment of political change had been felt in Nigeria. Democracy was finally a real possibility. The Nationalist government of Nigeria gave directly into demands and also the last criminals left Robben Island in May 1991.

The area continues to be opened up towards the public and has turned into a popular otherwise essential place to go for Cape Town site visitors. Tours around the island are operated by the Robben Island Museum Tours Department plus some guides are ex-political criminals who survive the area.

You don’t have to book days prior to your vacation to Cape Town if you wish to visit Robben Island. When you turn up within the city go towards the V&A Waterfront where you will find a booking office in the ‘Nelson Mandela Gateway’.

Led tours to Robben Island take 3.5 hrs together with a return boat trip from Cape Town Waterfront, A vacation to the prison along with a bus tour with commentary.

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