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MLT Car Hire Cape Town

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MLT Car Hire Cape Town

rhino car hire cape town Three New Car Hire Kids on The Block Make Their Mark In Cape Town

To not just see but experience the Mother City in all her majesty, make an effort to traverse the highways, byways, mountain passes, hidden-from-popular view tracks, and then some. Some travellers – and most locals – believe that this award-winning tourist city holds visual jewels virtually unmatched anywhere in the world. If Cape Town were a diamond, it would be the Cullinan diamond. And, much like the crown jewels are not on ready display, the most spectacular sights in Cape Town would be missed if you didn’t cross the length and breadth of this southern African destination. Hiring a vehicle is essential as public transport and guided tours only paint half the picture.

MLT Car Hire Cape Town

Public transport in Cape Town

Cape Town’s public road network is well maintained but public transport can reasonably be described as a pain. The rail network is often subject to cable theft, resulting in the central lines being down once or twice a month. The scenic Simonstown to Kalk Bay route seems to have escaped this fate, but this still only leaves you with ready and reliable rail access to only a part of the False Bay coast.

The MyCiti bus service is a mass rapid transport system. For all intents and purposes, it is still in its infancy. It covers most central routes but major suburbs are still excluded, as are tourist-type routes. The regular bus service is fine but does not provide an adequate network link of routes. It was designed primarily to service the most dense worker commutes in and around the peninsula.

Taxi cabs are not in shortly supply. The various pay-per-ride services work well and are professionally run on the whole. While the costs for individual rides are manageable, fares will add up if you intend to turn your cab drive into your tourist chauffeur. Cumulatively over the length of your stay, you may end up forking out quite a lot.

rhino car hire cape town

Reasons to hire a car

This tends to be the best scenario for hitting the road as a tourist as you can control your own schedule as you go, take rest stops or breaks as and when you please, and change plans at the last minute.

The road network is extremely well serviced by GPS, so you’ll never be lost. Do as the locals do and download the free local GPS app, Wayze, on your phone for the most accurate routes around. Wayze wisely offers you a choice of several roots and steers clear of short but dangerous or desolate routes.

Of course, using car hire also means you don’t have the depend on the benevolence of friends and family and can take advantage of any free mileage per day limits.

MLT Car Hire Cape Town

One of the smaller and relatively new players in the rent-a-vehicle market in Cape Town is MLT Car Hire Cape Town. There are many big companies in the market with a presence at the airport, so as a tourist, it helps to know what other options there also may be. Tinier car rental agencies sometimes offer a more personalized service at inexpensive rates compared to their more visible counterparts, but no less reliable.MLT Car Hire Cape Town

Waterfront-based MLT has a range of vehicles for personal and commercial hire as well as chauffeur services. It’s hard to believe this fleet of more than 300 started with only two cars, but speaks to MLT’s philosophy of never expanding beyond their ability to provide a sleek, one-on-one service. The fleet comprises both cars and bakkies (mini trucks).

Although MLT Car Hire Cape Town does not have an office at the airport, dropping their vehicle off at the airport for collection by the client at the client’s request, is part of the service they offer. There is no tourism levy or airport fee applicable for the client. Drop-offs and collections as well as point to point transfers can be arranged at just about any place, although a small collection fee is attached. MLT also offers pre-planned as well as tourism sight-seeing packages. MLT Car Hire Cape Town rates start at R290 per day for 1 to 14 day packages, including a free 100 km per day rental. The R4 000 fuel and vehicle deposit is not included in the contract, and there is a contract fee of R65 applicable.

Penny K Car Hire Cape Townpenny k car hire cape town

Penny K is another independent player providing intimate, cost-effective and reliable service. The business has flourished thanks to repeat rentals and a high degree of word-of-mouth referrals. The attractive deals have proven hugely popular with all sectors of local and overseas tourists, but students in particular choose Penny K Car Hire Cape Town for being easy on the pocket. Roof racks, child car seats and GPS are all available at a small cost. At a rental fee of R180 a day for unlimited mileage, including comprehensive insurance, this is one of the best cheap car rental contracts to be found in the city.

Your Penny K Car Hire Cape Town vehicle can be collected anywhere in the city bowl at no charge during working hours on weekdays. Penny K Car Hire Cape Town contracts come with a R30 standard contract charge and

Rhino Car Hire Cape Town

penny k car hire cape town Rhino Car Hire Cape Town has been another independent game-changer into the local transport rental market, although Rhino Car Hire Cape Town is also part of a worldwide group. Their value proposition is their price, starting at R162 per day. Their confidence is rooted in the fact that should you find a cheaper rate anywhere for the same class of vehicle, Rhino Car Hire Cape Town will beat that price. It is all about their price promise plus prime customer service which makes them one of the top car rental propositions.

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