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Mango Airlines Cape Town Airport

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Mango Airlines Cape Town Airport

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Mango Airlines Cape Town AirportCape Town has long been one of the best cities to visit in South Africa and even Africa but has recently been getting international exposure as the best city to visit in the world. It is hardly surprising to locals who are privy to enjoying the scenic settings in a thoroughly modern city. Travel into Cape Town can be done a myriad of ways from road, ship and air. Some people do like to take a road trip into Cape Town to enjoy the Garden Route along the way but the most popular option remains flying in by plane.


About Cape Town Airport

The Cape Town Airport is the second busiest in South Africa and it is just 20 minutes away from the city centre. Flights to and from Johannesburg are one of the busiest routes in the world. The airport underwent major renovations in preparation for the 2010 FIFA World Cup which was held in South Africa.


The central terminal building is where check-ins for flights can be done. There are about 20 self-service kiosks and over 100 counters for check-in that can be found here. After check-in, passengers must go through the security screening area before proceeding towards the domestic or international terminals. Departures are located on the upper floors and arrivals on the lower floors. Passengers arriving into the airport can collect their luggage at their international or domestic terminal which has an automated baggage handling system that can handle 30000 bags every hour. Parking options at the airport include general public parking, long term parking and pick up and go parking. Parking was also a part of the renovation process and there is plenty parking bays available. The long term parking is shaded and the pick-up zone is covered as well.

The many stores that can be found at the Cape Town Airport includeMango Airlines Cape Town Airport

  • Bookstores
  • Souvenir shops
  • Grocery stores
  • Clothing stores
  • Foreign Exchange services
  • Duty free international shopping
  • Restaurants

Also found in the main terminal building are medical rooms and bathroom facilities.

The lounges at the airport consists of

  • British American Tobacco Lounge (international)
  • Bidvest Premier Premium Lounge (one for domestic one for international)
  • British Airways Premium Lounge (domestic)
  • South African Airways Premium Lounge (domestic)


About Mango AirlinesMango Airlines Cape Town Airport

Mango Airlines was the second low cost airline to start operations in South Africa. They provide affordable tickets across all of South Africa’s major cities and this includes the Cape Town Airport. Their fleet is made up of Boeing 737-800 aircrafts and seats up to 186 passengers per flight. Seating was renovated to include seats that are more posture friendly and to maximize space for a little more leg room. Most of the airline’s fleet allows passengers Wi-Fi access during the flight. Every passenger on Mango Airlines Cape Town Airport flights gets a copy of Mango Juice which is their in-flight entertainment. Inside you will also find a page with the in-flight menu for items that can be purchased during the flight.


Booking Mango Airlines Cape Town Airport Flights

Booking Mango Airlines Cape Town Airport flights can be done directly on their website. With the flight search engine you are able to get a full listing of all flights that are available for your location and date needs. From this you are able to choose one that suits you best and do the booking. Mango Airlines Cape Town Airport flights can be paid a number of ways that includes credit and store cards, cell phone banking, online banking, and at Shoprite and Checkers supermarket stores. For even cheaper airfares Mango guests are welcome to make use of SAA Voyager Miles, AMEX vouchers and Nedbank Greenbacks. Baggage up to 7kg can be taken onto Mango flights but not contain any dangerous weapons, which will be confiscated at the security checkpoint. Check-in baggage of 20kg comes standard part of the air fare on Mango Airlines Cape Town Airport flights.

There are 4 ways to check-in

  • Online- can be done from 24 hours before flight departure until 2 hours before. Check-in can be done on the Mango Airlines website
  • Mobi- the Mango app will need to be downloaded onto your phone and thereafter you would be able to do a mobi check-in. Times are the same as the online option.
  • Counters- can be found at the domestic departure terminal at the airport from which you will be taking the Mango flight. Check-in time is 2 hours before the flight take-off, closing 40 minutes before.
  • Kiosks- the self-service counters open up 12 hours before the Mango Airlines Cape Town Airport flight departs and closes 40 minutes before

Mango Airlines Cape Town Airport

Boarding Mango Airlines Cape Town Airport Flights

After check-in is done and you have been issued with the boarding pass then it is time to make your way to board the flight. To board Mango Airlines Cape Town Airport flights you would first have to hand in you boarding pass and go through a security checkpoint with your carryon luggage.


Special guests on Mango Airlines Cape Town Airport Flights

Mango Airlines Cape Town Airport provides a host of services to its special guests. Elderly guests have priority boarding in the case of illness and get a pensioners discount on some Tuesday and Wednesday flights.

Mango Airlines accept all pregnant guests up until 35 weeks of pregnancy and have no pregnancy complications.

Babies older than 7 days can be taken aboard Mango Airlines Cape Town Airport flights but must have a birth certificate. Guests 2 to 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult. Children above this age may travel alone on Mango Airlines Cape Town Airport flights.

Guests with physical disabilities do not need to be cleared by a doctor for travel on Mango Airlines Cape Town Airport flights but must inform Mango Airlines of their condition so that they can provide assistance such as wheelchairs.

A medical guest is someone who has serious medical condition and needs a doctor’s approval before their Mango Airlines Cape Town Airport flight can be confirmed.

Visually impaired guests can bring along their guide dog to travel with them in the cabin on Mango Airlines Cape Town Airport flights. There is no payment necessary for the dog but it must be harnessed properly and have supporting identification.

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