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Luxury Car Hire at Cape Town Airport

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Luxury Car Hire at Cape Town Airport

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luxury car hire cape town airporthire car cape town airportCape Town Airport

The Cape Town Airport is located just 20 minutes away from the city’s CBD. The airport has always been one of the busiest in the country, but with the onslaught of several low cost airlines making their mark in the country, Cape Town Airport is now busier than ever. Budget airlines have given those people who cannot afford the exorbitant fees needed to fly on full service airlines, a means to get to Cape Town cheaply. The airport itself is one of the most efficiently run in the country. Passengers can seamlessly leave the airport in an array of transport avenues from shuttles to taxis, though it is the choice of many passengers to rent a car at Cape Town Airport. With a car all to yourself, there is no need to stick to someone else’s schedule, so you are essentially free to roamhire car cape town airport around as you see fit. When you hire a car at Cape Town Airport, you have essentially arranged your transport for the entire trip. There are so many rental branches to choose from and most of the big name brands have a footing at the airport, so if you do belong to a loyalty club, you are able to rack up points or enjoy the numerous benefits when you rent a car at Cape Town Airport.

Returning the rental vehicle is also easy, as you get to just pitch up at the agency, drop off the keys, complete an inspection of the vehicle and walk on over to check into and board your flight. If you have arrived early and have some time to kill you are more than welcome to make use of one of the many facilities of the airport. Fill up your tummy at one of the many restaurant choices. Relax and get in some well-deserved pampering at the salons. Visit the chapel and prayer rooms. Partake in shopping across many sectors from clothing to souvenirs. Go to the viewing deck to watch the busy atmosphere of staff getting the aircraft ready for take offs. The airport also offers a limited amount of free Wi-Fi to its passengers. If finished, this could be topped up at the information desk.


Rent a Car at Cape Town Airport

Although the emphasis is on budget cars at many rental agencies with specials focusing on this specific factor, luxury is an avenue provided for in droves. Many people do appreciate the comfort rent car cape town airportand safety factor afforded to them from these types of vehicles which is why they are of interest when they look to hire a car at Cape Town Airport. If you would be spending much time driving around the city, then you may want to do it in style and ease. It’s crazy, the amount of advanced features that these vehicles have. People will likely spend more on their rental vehicle than their flight when they hire a car at Cape Town Airport. It makes sense in a way, because you would only be spending a few hours on the plane, whereas a lot more time in your rental vehicle. Many rental agencies have a team dedicated solely to the rentals of prestige vehicles. These are the more exclusive of a range and have not much mileage on them and are purchased within the past 12 months. You would be able to book these vehicles online or contact the rental branch directly to arrange the rental. For your standard luxury car hire at Cape Town Airport, go ahead and use our site directly. Book months in advance to secure your reservation and get the cheapest pricing, with access to all agencies offering luxury car hire at Cape Town Airport.


Luxury Vehicle choices at Cape Town Airport

  • Hatchbacks- hatchbacks may be the entry level choice when you hire a car at Cape Town Airport but many of the newer models include features found in their sedan counterparts. Hatchbacks are ideal for those who do not like the idea of driving a bigger vehicle but do not want to compromise on the car cape town airport
  • Sedans- besides the bigger size, sedans are packed with much more amenities for driving pleasure, passenger entertainment or down right comfort.
  • SUV’s- you no longer have to endure a trip into the wilderness in uncomfortable off road vehicles. Glamping, which is camping with glamour is a possibility with these vehicles. They can handle the rough terrain while keeping passengers content inside.
  • Sports Cars- some of the most expensive and exclusive cars in the world are available to clients when they need true luxury car hire at Cape Town Airport. The surge of power given in these vehicles is unrivaled. With vehicles from brands like Aston Martin and Ferrari, experience the life of the rich and famous.
  • Classic Cars- there is a sort of elegance from cars designed decades ago. Rent a car at Cape Town Airport and subject yourself to a bygone era. Here is your chance to hire out a pristine and well maintained car or simply hire one out for a sense of nostalgia.

luxury car hire cape town airportluxury car hire cape town airport

Additional Rental Choices at Cape Town Airport

  • GPS Units- you have the luxury vehicle and although you would not mind driving around aimlessly to further enjoy the benefits of these vehicles, do add a GPS unit when you hire a car at Cape Town Airport. They will ensure you get around in ease and arrive on time to your destination.
  • Insurance- luxury vehicles are not cheap, and damage to them would come at a bigger price than regular vehicles. Since you would be responsible for the vehicle during your rental period, if damage does occur then onus will fall upon you. Protect yourself from this and select the insurance option when you do luxury car hire at Cape Town Airport.hire car cape town airport
  • Baby Seats- the safety given from luxury vehicles is unparalleled, though you would want to take extra measures to keep the little ones safer. This comes in the form of a baby seat. Baby seats are proven to keep babies and toddlers well-guarded in the event that the vehicle meets a collision. When you rent a car at Cape Town Airport, baby seats can also be hired. They come in different sizes to handle babies, toddlers, and older kids for whom the standard seat belt will not provide adequate protection.
  • Bicycle racks- don’t skimp on not bringing your bicycle to Cape Town just because you do not know how to transport it around effortlessly. Hire out a bicycle rack to hold the bicycle in place. Its take a few seconds to hang bikes on or remove it from the vehicle. Cape Town is excellent for cyclists so take advantage of this.
  • Data- get your data products when you rent a car at Cape Town Airport. Europcar is one such company that offers their renters the option to hire out a mobi broadband router with a capped amount of data per day. This negates the need for renters to then have to visit a local mobile communications store to tackle their connectivity issues.


Chauffeur Drive at Cape Town Airport

A chauffeur can also be hired when you rent a car at Cape Town Airport. Luxury car hire at Cape Town Airport is one thing, but is even more of an indulgence when you have someone else doing the driving and you get to sit back and enjoy the drive. It’s never a boring moment in Cape Town and no matter how many times you visit, one can’t help but constantly marvel at the rent car cape town airporticonic mountain backdrops. Chauffeurs are hired on a time basis and for that time period, will drive you to any destination in Cape Town. Transfer services are also available with a once off drive from point to point. Take advantage of their driving skills and expertise of the area to get you to your destination quickly and safely. They are ideal for business travellers who need to make several stops in the city to get between meetings. They save a lot of time as you would not have to find parking and then make you way into the building. Chauffeurs will drop you off at the entrance and when your meeting is over, simply call them and they will meet you again at the entrance. Having someone drive you, also allows for you to get some work done or some last minute prep.

You are also able to hire a car at Cape Town Airport with a chauffeur for a special occasion. This could be a function you are invited to and may want to arrive in splendour and have a safe ride home in the event that you have had one too many drinks. Chauffeurs may also be used with luxury car hire at Cape Town Airport for something special like a wedding. Hiring a chauffeur from a rental agency gives you the ability to select the vehicle you would like the service to be done in. For the most part, exclusive sedans are chosen but it really is up to the client.

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