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Limo hire Cape Town

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limo hire cape town

Limo hire Cape Town companies know their stuff…

List of Limo hire Cape Town Companies

Hire a limo for your graduation

  • Hire a limo for your wedding

Limo’s are widely used vehicles for special occasion. It is easy to stand out from the crowd when you arrive in a Limo. Big brand cars like your Mercedes Benz and Hummer are common Limos we see on a daily basis. A limo guarantees your arrival in style anywhere you go. Below, this article will briefly discuss places and reasons to hire a limo, and why it is the best decision to make.

With Limo hire Cape Town you can arrive in style for:


So you spent three years of your life studying. To prove all the hard work you have done, you come home with that qualification. Lucky you, your parents decide they are going to throw the mother of all graduation parties. You are given an unlimited budget to spend on your heart desires. Why not arrive at your own party in the most luxurious vehicle people have seen. Make sure you call a limo hire Cape Town company and get it out the way before going shopping. All eye s will be on you that day, from the minute you arrive till the end of the ceremony and you are deserving of such.
Limo hire Cape Town companies are not limited to just these occasions mentioned. You can hire limousine for day to day use. If you have the finances to rent a limo for a day function or even for three months, do so. This is absolute luxury at its best. You feel like the king or queen of hire cape town

21st Birthday Party

Your 21st birthday is the king of all your birthdays. You officially enter the adult world and responsibility is upon you. Why not enter this phase of your life by going extraordinary. Everything is planned except your grand entrance. This is the ideal time to negotiate with parents to get ahold of a limo hire Cape Town company and compare prices. Everything else is going to be glamorous why not your entrance too. Your friends and guests will be instantly envious.


It is quite common for the bride and groom to hire more than one limo especially when the bridal party is large. This is you making a statement that you want to arrive in style. Most limo’s have sun roofs so you are able to put your head outside during this joyous celebration. You can hire two common colours, a black limo or a white limo. Big car brands like Hummer also provide yellow limos. So why not get ahold of a limo hire Cape Town company to make your special day more special.

Matric Farewell

Matric farewell only comes hopefully once in your school career. This is the one day in your entire school carrier where you are allowed to spend ridiculous amount on your dress, hair and make-up. You plan your outfit from the first day you step into school as a grade 12 scholar. One way of making a grand entrance is through getting in touch with a limo hire Cape Town company, and make your dream of being Cinderella for a day come true. Why not hire a limo with a group of friends to reduce the total cost for each person. Car hire Cape Town companies also have this luxury vehicle as an option. limo hire cape town

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