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Knife attack at Cape Town International Airport

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Knife attack at Cape Town International Airport

Cape Town – A man and his son were stabbed multiple times after being attacked in the parking area of Cape Town International Airport

An IOL report states the Bloemfontein man was dropping one of his sons off at the airport when they were attacked on level two of the airport’s parking lot.

The attacker, described as a huge man, came from behind them and beat his son and then pulled a knife out. It was at this point that the father tried to grab the attacker who then stabbed him three times.

The family, who did not want to be named, are currently receiving medical treatment at Medi-Clinic Hospital in Gardens.

The father is said to be disgusted that such an incident could take place at the Cape Town’s international airport.

Cape Town International Police Colonel Olivier, in possession of CCTV footage of the attack, confirmed the incident, stating that unarmed security officers first responded to the incident, followed by five armed police officers who then managed to apprehend the attacker, forcing him to release his weapon (a knife) and lie down on the ground.

“The suspect was then taken to the holding cells and is currently under observation to determine his mental condition,” Olivier said in a statement.

Olivier agreed security issues had been raised at the airport in June 2013 when Poo protesters managed to dump a bucket load of human waste at the entrance of the departures terminal in an on-going housing dispute between the Democratic Alliance and the ANC Youth League, but stated incidents of this nature were not a common occurrence at the airport.

“Cape Town International currently sees 26 000 passenger movements per day and an estimated 70 000 people in total when including those who come to meet and greet. We have a total of 250 officers working across shifts at the station. Incidents of violent crimes are unheard off within this environment and we intend to keep it like this,” he said.

A CTIA perimeter breech in 2012 also resulted in the body of a stowaway being found at Heathrow airport in the wheel well of a British Airways plane – causing the airport to implement security patrol escorts for all international flights departures after sunset.


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