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J&B Met Flights

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J&B Met Flights

j&b met flightsSport, fashion and the social scene converge annually in Cape Town at the much anticipated J&B Met. As of 2017 this horse racing spectacle will be known as the Sun Met. It will take some time to acclimate to the new branding as J&B have sponsored the event for the past 4 decades. The J&B Met has become known for its haute couture, fine dining, social scene and live entertainment as much as it is known for being the country’s most historical horse race. Attending is sure to be a highlight on your social calendar.


J&B Met Flights

If you do not live in Cape Town, then you would need to get yourself to the J&B Met to experience all of these wondrous delights in the flesh. Arrive in the city, from any of the other major cities in the country, by flight. J&B Met flights will get you to Cape Town far faster than by road and if you know where to look, it can also be cheaper. Low cost airlines have been a massive success story inj&b met flight discounts South Africa, and for good reason. Here is a way to travel the country by air, at a fraction of the cost. Travellers to the J&B Met will have the option of booking into full service or budget airlines. J&B Met flights can be booked right here on our website. Use the flight search engine to find all flights with available seats that you can book to get to the J&B Met. Not only that, but you would also have access to J&B Met flight specials. Saving money on your travel expenses will leave you with a bit more to be able to splurge during your Cape Town trip. An event as prestigious as this undoubtedly will bring up a few J&B Met flight specials that you can book. There’s no need to run across a whole lot of sites on the net when you simply have to scour our site to find all of the best J&B Met flight specials.

Still looking to bring down your J&B Met flight pricing. Look into discounts that you can use. J&B Met flight discounts can be gotten 2 ways. The first would be to use any airline miles that you have racked up, to bring down your ticket price. An example of J&B Met flight discounts in this case would be SAA Voyager Miles. The second would be to make use of partner programmes. You can get J&B Met flight discounts simply by belonging to an airlines partner company where you could get a percentage off flights by supplying your membership number.

j&b met flight specialsFlight schedules are put out months in advance. Once the flight fills up, the only option would be to be placed on a waiting list and take the place of a passenger who does not show or cancels their flight. Since, it can be done months in advance and from your home city, you have a very good chance of securing a seat when booked at this stage. Bookings of your J&B Met flights can be paid for and confirmed on our site as well. The entire process of searching for flights and then selecting one can be completed in minutes. You will receive your booking number by email and this will be used when checking into your flight. Check-in can be done at your departing airport or online. Upon completion of this, you will have your boarding pass and can board the flight to get you to Cape Town.


J&B Met Car Hire

Once you are in Cape Town, you would need to get around and have reliable means of getting to the J&B Met. One of your options would be to hire out a car. Hiring a vehicle in Cape Town will allow for you to have a vehicle for your sole use. You can go wherever and whenever you want and not be tied down by schedules. J&B Met car hire is best done right at the airport. There are 2 benefits of going this way. Firstly, when you are booking your J&B Met flights on this website, you can also book your rental vehicle and get your travel itinerary done in one place. Secondly, the airport would provide the perfect base to pick up a rental vehicle as you would land at the Cape Town Airport and proceed directly to the rental branch. When hiring a car in Cape Town, you will be given a choice of the type of vehicle you want from any of the companies located at the airport. j&b met car hire

Your choice of car hire company at the Cape Town Airport would be between international brands or locally owned ones. The vehicle type would depend on various factors. You would go with a smaller, compact vehicle if you are looking to hire on a budget. You would go with a larger people carrier if you would be attending the J&B Met as part of a group and would like to travel to the event and around Cape Town in just one vehicle. You may want to arrive to this glamorous event in style so you would then choose a luxury sports or sedan vehicle. Whatever your J&B Met car hire needs may be, you will have easy and full access to them on our site.

Just like with the J&B Met flights, you would have to book your J&B Met car hire in advance. You do not want to wait until a few days before when you would be hard pressed to get yourself a car rental booking. By using our site there is no excuse, since you can book a vehicle even without being in Cape Town and you are not restricted to opening times. The bulk load of the J&B Met car hire process will be handled during the online booking, from payment to personal details. You would just need to corroborate this at the branch before driving off to your J&B Met holiday.

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