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Honk Car Hire Cape Town

Honk Car Hire Cape Town Don’t be a vegetable – Cape Town’s vegan food scene is cooking!

Whether you’re a local or a tourist and regardless of whether meat is your mantra or makes you mad, everyone needs a detox, break or just something different now and then. The vegan food scene in Cape Town is brimming with organic and other delicious greatness and we’ve got three of the best if you don’t know where to look. Hope in your hired car though – public transport won’t get you to these places easily. If you’re tired of using all the big names or if everyone else is booked out, give Honk Car Hire Cape Town, Jazz Car Hire Cape Town and Queens Car Hire Cape Town a try.

Here are three of the best vegan restaurants in the Mother City.

Jazz Car Hire Cape Town

Using Honk Car Hire Cape Town to go to Yoffi Falafel

This is a favourite place to hang out over an inexpensive, lovingly made, satisfying falafel in Muizenberg. It’s so near the beach that you should make a day of it and head out to Muizenberg in your vehicle from Honk Car Hire Cape Town, Jazz Car Hire Cape Town or Queens Car Hire Cape Town and then hit up this spot at Surfer’s Corner. The emphasis is on fresh, simple foods that don’t filter the ingredients, but let them take centre stage.

Yes, there are non-vegan falafels for that friend whose just got to have his carnivorous way. There are also decadent toasted sandwiches, sweet potato chips, muffins and smoothies to enjoy the ocean air with. You’ll probably be tempted to have your falafel balls at the ocean rather than sit on the stools, but that’s to be expected. Your falafel balls can be servied with or without a pita bread. You’ll get 8 of these for way under R100, along with salad and hummus or whatever relish is being served. Best of all is not walking away bloated after those foodballs of bliss, and knowing you didn’t have to cremate your wallet either.

Queens Car Hire Cape Town

Use Jazz Car Hire Cape Town to go to Govinda’s Food Cafe

Govinda’s is an absolute staple in Cape Town on the yoga scene – it has been around forever. It is run with a generous spirit and the large, hearty food portions average a mere R50. This is very much a yoga and lunch or dinner destination, but you can pop in for just a meal or just some mat stretches. Feel free to worship in the adjacent temple. You can also get free food on Sundays from 3.3o where things start off as a mediations and Bhakti informative talks, but don’t abuse this as a meal ticket. Go if you’re really in town on a tight budget and genuinely interested in learning more about the Bhakti lifestyle.

Honk Car Hire Cape Town Govinda’s is near to town – kind of. It will take you about 15 to 20 minutes to reach this leafy student hub from Cape Town in your Honk Car Hire Cape Town, Jazz Car Hire Cape Town ot Queens Car Hire Cape Town mode of transport.

Govinda’s has a sumptuous selection of food from hearty curries and wraps to biryanis and beyond. Bland or spicy, creamy or chilli, you will come away a happy customer. Service is fast and you can take away your meals too.

Access The Twelve Apostles with Queens Car Hire Cape Town

See, we told you there were inescapably wonderful vegan treats in Cape Town. To access this mountain retreat, you’ll definitely need your Honk Car Hire Cape Town, Jazz Car Hire Cape Town or Queens Car Hire Cape Town vehicle. Well, you get the point, hire a car, any car. Some of the best places in Cape Town can’t be reached by any bus route. This is not likely to change soon.

Few things come with as much food anticipation of a high tea, unless of course you’re gluten intolerant! The thought of an array of mini cakes and savoury sandwich delights all impeccably set outQueens Car Hire Cape Town is a magical one indeed. And at the 12 Apostles, magic is certainly the word.

This famed hotel first started with a vegan tasting menu. It proved so popular, that the vegan high tea was conceived and birthed. There is currently no other like it in Cape Town, but food trends catch on fast so we may just see something similar elsewhere soon. Still, the Twelve Apostles will always be the pioneers of this boundary-pushing culinary creation.

It is now available daily and so popular, that you must book 1 day in advance. It is served 10am to 4pm and costs R375 per person. This is less than what you’d pay for high tea at most other five-star establishments.

The executive chef has assured those wanting a traditional experience that they will not be let down. Look out for the Valrhona Manjari chocolate and hazelnut cake and the famous, but humble scone. At vegan tea, it comes with jam and mixed berry compote. There is no shortage of either sweet or savoury vegan tea inventions and the chef and kitchen team have pulled it off with Jazz Car Hire Cape Town astounding aplomb. After your first vegan tea, you’ll wonder why you ever had s much trepidation and imagines raw carrot sticks and hummus as highlights! And far from the cucumber sandwich being overused, the offerings are much, much more interesting.

Almost half of those clamouring for tea are non-vegans, so well balanced is the menu. You are not left feeling like you’re missing cold meats or caviar in the least. enu that will have even the non-vegans clambering to try the new high tea spread. For savoury indulgence, you can sample an assortment of sandwiches, each more inventive than the next. Or, try the tortilla wraps with fried aubergines, roasted peppers and marinated tomato. Just one example of how this team has kept it classic but new and timelessly elegant. Or on the sweeter end of the tea tables, you’ll delight in forest berry jellies, banana and oat cookies and Valrhona Manjari chocolate and peanut bons bons.

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