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Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport

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Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Atlanta city is a beautiful one and it is not just famous for coca cola. The city is also famous for its state of art Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport. This airport is the busiest airport in the whole of the world in terms of both landings as well as takeoffs. Even in case of passenger traffic, this airport is second to none. The airport has got classy interiors and the main building part of the airport has consumed more than hundred and thirty acres. This plush building has over two hundred outlets, which serves almost every need of the commuters.

Not only for the passengers is this airport the best but also for the handling of cargo. There are three state of art cargo complexes at the Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport – the north cargo complex, the midfield cargo complex and the south cargo complex. There are around ten trains that run on tracks inside the airport, as these trains make the commuters travel across the concourses. All these trains have a four car system and have been of great help. Another such service is the shuttle service that joins the offsite parking lot or offsite parking service with the various airport terminals.

Speaking of parking, the airport has got all the bases covered. Right from short term parking lot to long term parking lot, every facility is there on board. In fact, many commuters have expressed their desire that all the other big airports of the world should try to become more like the Atlanta International Airport. At present, only the O’Hare International airport at Chicago, Illinois has got these kind of facilities.

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