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The Cape Town International Airport is actually the second largest airport in South Africa and is a major gateway for the blooming tourism in the country. The Cape Town caters for millions of visitors that arrive in the city each year.

If you are looking to fly from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth or to Johannesburg then Flysafair is able to cater for your needs. You are able to book your flight with Flysafair at an affordable rate.

The Cape Town Airport has world class standards and in 2012 it was ranked the leading airport in Africa at the World Airport Awards.

There is a central terminal that connects the domestic and international terminal of Cape Town. Flying domestically from Cape Town is perfect as you are able to go to the major cities with Flysafair those being Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth. Business travellers and tourists can make use of Flysafair so that they can get across the country with ease as the flight booking can be done at the Flysafair site.

Flysafair is a low cost traveller airline, which was established via Safair, which is South Africa’s best known air logistics and air administration organisation. The organisation has 49 years of experience and out of this Flysafair was born.

Flysafair have a fantastic track record and have effectively transported restorative supplies and substance alleviation to some of the most difficult to reach areas for the United Nations and for the world Food Program. They have also flown cargo as well groups and individuals to where they need to go. Flysafair have also supplied traveller and cargo planes to business airlines. With this kind of track record you will be rest assured that your flight from Cape Town airport to either the Port Elizabeth Airport or the OR Tambo Airport Johannesburg.

Flysafair have been around for over four decades and with that comes great quality, values and attention to detail.

If you are looking for a cheap flight then you can book your flight with Flysafair and travel from Cape Town to Johannesburg or Port Elizabeth or to Cape Town from these destinations. You will be given the cheapest flight with Flysafair no matter if you are going on holiday or for business.

You can go to the Flysafair site for your flight booking. It is a quick and easy process so you will have no hassles when you book your flight.





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