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flysaaSouth African Airways is South Africa’s oldest and most prominent airline. Now going by the simplified Flysaa, it also has the distinction of being the country’s flag carrier airline. Flysaa was founded in the early 1930’s and is now based at the OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg. Recent years have seen Flysaa competing with the arrival of low cost airlines, but the demand for superior air service is still prioritized by many who remain loyal to this higher standard.


How to Book Flights on Flysaa

Flysaa flights can be booked a variety of ways such as going to the airline office at a major airport or calling their call centre. The recommended route would be to book online. This option allows for a booking to be done at any time of day and from anywhere in the world, so long as you have access to the internet. You would easily be able to find a flight for your date and price range by making use of flight search engines on the Flysaa website or even the Cape Town International Airport website. You would also be able to find rental cars and hotel rooms with the dates entered for the Flysaa flight as well, so then you would not have to go and search for these factors individually. Booking can immediately follow once the required flight is found. Upon approval of payment, the flight is confirmed at the prospective passenger will be emailed a unique booking code which will then be used during check-in.


Checking into Flysaa Flights

As part of the ticket cost, passengers are allowed checked luggage which will be stored in the cargo section of the plane. This will first have to be checked into the flight. A couple of options are available for checking into a Flysaa flight. The tried and tested old school way of checking in at the Flysaa counters has staff handling the process but this option is open for the shortest amount of time. During check-in on Flysaa flights, seat selection and boarding pass printouts are also done. The next option of check-in via the kiosk at the airport gives a little more time, but passengers will handle the process themselves on the touch screen and then be responsible for dropping off luggage at the bag drop zone. Checking in online is available a full 24 hours before the flight departs and allows for the check-in process to be complete before leaving for the airport. Being one of the first to check-in would also mean a higher chance of selecting a seat in your favourite part of the plane. The online option is also available via mobile phones. Flysaa passengers also get to take carry-on luggage onto the flight with them but will have to pass through security first, during boarding.


During the Flightflysaa

Meals- Flysaa offers full service flights which means there are a lot more amenities to look forward to during the flight. One of these is access to snacks and a meal as part of the ticket cost.

Magazine- the Sawubona magazine is given to all Flysaa passengers and is a good way to keep clued up to a wide range of current affair topics

Digital entertainment- music, movies, television shows and video games are sure to keep passengers entertained making even the longest of flights swing by in no time at all.


Special Passengers

  • Pregnant passengers- pregnant women are allowed to book flights on Flysaa. There are restrictions though, on the number of weeks into the pregnancy a women is in, at which point she will not be accepted onto flights due to safety risks. After the 28th week of pregnancy, a letter of approval must be given to the airline from the doctor or midwife.
  • Blind dogs- a service dog may accompany their blind/deaf owner onto the flight. There will be no need to pay for a ticket for these dogs, but documentation is required to prove their status and advance notice is required as only a certain number of dogs are allowed per flight as per aviation regulations.
  • Unaccompanied minors- the unaccompanied minor service provided by Flysaa allows for children from 5 to 11 years of age to be escorted and taken care of by staff to and during the flight until they are handed over to the receiving adult at the arrival airport. On Flysaa, this service needs to be arranged via the call centre.
  • Disabled access- all Flysaa flights takes every measure to ensure that assistance is provided to all disabled passengers. Arrangements here would also have to be made by contacting the airline telephonically to arrange such details for help.
  • Group bookings- if there is a group flying together and this is made up of more than 10 people then an enquiry can be made with Flysaa by filling out the group booking form found on their website. It provides a way to save some money when booking flights for a lot of people.


Flysaa Lounges

Flysaa lounges are available at many airports around the globe. Even if there is no Flysaa lounge at an airport, a Star Alliance partner member airline can be used. Access is free to business class passengers with other passengers gaining access through a payment. The Flysaa lounges offer premium passengers the comfort of a space void of airport stress and an environment conducive to total relaxation. It is an especially beneficial area for those who have connecting flights and need an area to freshen up and enjoy some complimentary snacks before taking to the air again.


flysaaFlysaa Voyager Club

The Voyager Club is the frequent flyer programme of Flysaa. Miles are points that are earned every time every time that you fly on South African Airways or a partner member of the Star Alliance Network. Miles can also be earned by staying at Flysaa partnered hotels or when renting a car from a car rental partner company. The miles can be accumulated and is a great way to get cheaper flights for when you need it.


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