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First Car Rental Cape Town

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first car rental cape townFirst car rental Cape Town

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Car rental tips from First Car Rental Cape Town

Drop-Off Charges

An extra fee may be charged if a car is returned to a different location than where it was picked up. First Car rental has branches all over Cape Town and surrounding areas, you just need to speak with a consultant beforehand to make an arrangement and sort out costs if they apply. This extra cost might vary with location and distance. In some cases there care hire Cape Town companies do not charge specified fee but instead the rate is higher than for a rental that picks up and drops off in the same location.

Early Return Fees

Returning your car to a car hire Cape Town company early might cost you. If you decide to shorten your rental period you might have to pay a higher rate because you no longer qualify for a weekly rate. Some car rental companies offer a prorated refund if you return the vehicle early. First car rental Cape Town has daily, weekly, and monthly rates. Typically the longer the rental period the cheaper it is. That’s what you need to take advantage of.

Age Penaltiesfirst car rental cape town

Driver’s under the age of 25 pay an additional fee. Even if you are a responsible driver and have been in possession of vehicle for 8 years and never had a car accident but under the age of 25 you still pay the extra fee. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about your peers, that is why most car rental companies view you as a high risk customer. There are companies that offer car rental to under 25 but they are probably more expensive.

Additional Drivers

If you and your spouse are planning to drive the rental vehicle together, you should mention it to the consultant at First car rental Cape Town airport. There are extra costs for adding one or more drivers. There are some companies that allow your spouse or domestic partner without having to pay extra. It is very important to add an additional driver so that in case of a car accident they too are covered. You do not want to find yourself paying a hefty fee because the insurance didn’t cover your spouse. It is also breaching your car rental agreement.

Automatic / Manual Gearbox

First car rental Cape Town offers you a choice between a manual or automatic vehicle. If you have never driven a manual shift then it is advisable not to try it out with a rental vehicle as it is very expensive the damage one can cause by shifting gears incorrectly. Automatic car are slightly more expensive to rent and are not the largest portion in a rental fleet.

Returning a car late 

First car rental Cape Town charge daily rates based on a 24 hour period. You will be charged by most companies if you return the vehicle past the first car rental cape townwindow period. Some companies allow a grace period, but if you return the vehicle past that period you will then be charged a full days rental. So make sure you leave enough time in your schedule to return the car in time.




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