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First Car Rental Cape Town Airport

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First Car Rental Cape Town Airport

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first car rental cape town airportfirst car hire cape town airportAt First Car Rental Cape Town Airport, lies a chance for vehicle hirers to support a proudly South African company. With First Car Rental Cape Town Airport, there is the choice to go with renting a car to drive around on your own or making use of their chauffeur transfers. Either way, the freedom of access to your own vehicle brings about the chance to see so much more of the Cape, and boy is there is a lot to see in the Mother City.


Why use First Car Rental at Cape Town Airport

Sure there will be some locals who will hire out a car from First Car Hire Cape Town Airport, maybe for the purposes of a temporary replacement until their vehicle comes back from repairs or longfirst car hire cape town airport term because they did not qualify for financial assistance. This may be, but majority of the First Car Hire Cape Town Airport customers are visitors to the city. Having a First Car Rental branch at the Cape Town Airport allows for them to pick up their vehicle simply by walking over to the store. This is much preferred over having, to say, use a shuttle to get to the city centre and rent the vehicle there. This way, the rental car is the only mode of road transport needed as soon as you land in the city. All vehicles from First Car Rental Cape Town Airport can be booked online. This allows customers to reserve a vehicle months ahead of the actual visit to Cape Town and take care of bulk of the admin, leaving for a faster exit from the branch with the vehicle.


Vehicle Choices at First Car Rental Cape Town Airport

The vehicle choice at First Car Hire Cape Town Airport is diverse enough to meet any traveller’s needs. Newly purchased vehicles are routinely added to the fleet, and older models which are hardly even 2 years old can be purchased as part of the company’s sales division. Vehicles are inspected and go through a car wash before they are let out to a new customer. It is for this reason that the company is very strict on its return policy. A late fine will be incurred if the vehicle is returned out of the time stated in the rental agreement. The First Car Rental Cape Town Airport fleet is categorized into three parts with vehicles from well-known global brands.

  • first car hire cape town airportBudget- the budget vehicles consist of hatchbacks and basic sedans. These basic vehicles are great if you need to stick to a budget but they also do come with a fair bit of comfort.
  • Executive- executive vehicles are your more top of the line sedans and SUV’s. Many customers prefer the ultimate in road travel comfort afforded by these vehicles. First Car Hire Cape Town Airport has some of the best daily rates on these prestige vehicles.
  • Passenger van- these vehicles are to be hired by those who need extra seating, if the travelling party is a larger number of travellers. In addition to having all members of the group riding in one vehicle, it is also cheaper and less of a hassle than if you were to hire out multiple smaller vehicles.


Additional Items available at First Car Rental Cape Town Airport

Along with the vehicle itself, during bookings, customers are given the opportunity to add some optional extras to their rental. These are

  • Tyre damage waiver
  • Windscreen damage waiverfirst car rental cape town airport
  • GPS- the verbal commands make it safer to drive around and also to not end up getting lost in Cape Town
  • Baby, toddler or booster seat- 2 seats can be hired per hire at First Car Rental Cape Town Airport. The size is of vital importance. For infants, the baby seats will need to be reserved. For toddlers, a slightly larger child safety seat is needed. For older kids over 18 kilograms, a booster seat is needed. Older kids may seem like they would be safe under a vehicles normal seat belt, but they can easily slip out of it in the instance of an impact.
  • Additional drivers- a maximum of 3 additional drivers can be added. Passengers outside of this list are not allowed to drive the First Car Rental Cape Town Airport vehicle.


Extra Services at First Car Rental Cape Town Airport

Chauffeur transfers are not offered at all branches but it is at the First Car Rental Cape Town Airport branch. It is a tailor made package with the customer choosing the destinations and the first car rental cape town airportvehicle.

If customers are going to be in Cape Town for a while, then consider the vehicle booking at First Car Rental Cape Town Airport to be done under a long term agreement. Lower daily rates are given to customers who book this way, however, it is only given if the rental period exceeds 30 days. It is also a tailor made package with the rental term and vehicle choice left up to the customer.

With the Show and Go facility at First Car Rental Cape Town Airport, renters do not even have to wait in line. The facility is available to frequent renters and is more of a corporate service. Once customers sign up for the facility, they will receive a Show and Go card. Customers would book their vehicle online and once at First Car Rental Cape Town Airport, they simply go directly to the parking lot. Use the mobile device to swipe the card. Once confirmation is done, renters will get their keys and can drive off. No more queues or branch admin.first car rental cape town airport

As we have mentioned, at First Car Rental, people are able to purchase vehicles. First Car Rental only rents out late model vehicles and once they are a year or 2 old, they are taken out of the rental fleet. These vehicles then become a part of the company’s sales division and can be purchased as used vehicles. Not only are they sold at great rates, customers are assured of a vehicle that has been constantly maintained with a full service history.

The Cristil facility can be found on the First Car Rental website. It is a customer portal and allows for customers to compliment Cape Town Airport staff on good service, lay a complaint or to do a follow up if a query has already been laid.


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