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Film Production in Cape Town

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Film Production in Cape Town

Cape Town is really a top place to go for worldwide film productions shooting on location. Its beautiful beaches, scenic mountain tops, pristine character reserves and dynamic city roads provide a large range of locations, as varied and versatile like a digital photographer could want. You will likely be trusting a nearby production company using the logistics of assisting your shoot, but it may be useful to understand how lengthy it requires to become released having a film permit in Cape Town, to ensure that you are able to plan the required time between your location scouting, pre-production phase and also the actual shoot.

The Town of Cape Town includes a extremely powerful process in position for film permits and needs to process straightforward programs rapidly. With respect to the size the development a time period of just one-4 days is believed. However productions with unusual or sensitive needs may take longer..

Listed here are the recommendations for that various film activity and affect stills productions in addition to film productions.

Tier 1 film activities can get a permit to become released in 24 hrs.

This really is designated as micro shoots, with 8 people or less and just 1-3 automobiles, and small-scale shoots of 9-15 people and 4-6 automobiles. Shoots should continue for under 24 hrs and participate in regular filming occasions of 6am until 10pm. No road closures ought to be needed, no sets or structures built with no plant life should need getting rid of. There must be minimum noise and lighting with no effects or stunts involved. Any location that’s considered eco, culturally or in the past sensitive doesn’t squeeze into this tier. Which includes most beach locations, eco-friendly belt and mountain areas and character reserves. These would place the production in to the Tier 3 category even when it is just a small-scale production.


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