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Farms in Cape Town

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Farms in Cape Town

The town of Cape Town is a well-liked tourist attraction offering fun activities for the entire family. From Cape Winelands to Big chunks of rock Beach, there is something for everybody. Here’s a listing from the popular places in Cape Town:

Imhoff Farm: The Imhoff Farm stands on the land referred to as Imhoff’s Gift. This land was gifted to Christina Diemer around the condition that veggies along with other produce in the farm ought to be provided towards the Nederlander East India Company in a fixed interest rate. 250 years hence, the farm houses restaurants, and weird shops that sell produce in a reasonable rate. There’s additionally a character park where one can walk alongside blue cranes, ostriches, llamas, and apes. The area can also be the place to find the Higgeldy Piggeldy Farm. This farm houses goat’s, pigs, sheep, ducks, chickens, bunnies and guinea pigs. Children can enjoy using the creatures as well as feed them.

Noordhoek Farm: This farm can be found underneath the slopes from the Chapman’s Peak Drive. The area can also be the place to find an award-winning wine estate. The whitened varietal grape grown here’s accustomed to make the Cape Point Wineries Sauvignon. You may also look for unique crafts and arts in the many shops in Noordhoek.


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