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Europcar Cape Town Airport

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Europcar Cape Town Airport

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europe car cape town airport

About Europcar Cape Town Airport

Europcar is one of the largest companies providing rental cars in Southern Africa. Their instantly recognizable green branding is a familiar sight at airports and the Cape Town Airport is no exception. They have over 85 branches in Southern Africa alone and in total, a fleet of over 20000 vehicles. As part of a global network, they also operate in over 150 other countries. Europcar Cape Town Airport is a part of this proud network. In South Africa, the company has a BBBEE level 2 rating and is committed to supporting local businesses and tourism efforts.


Vehicle Offerings

  • Small- these are small vehicles which are hatchback shape, and also the cheapest vehicle to hire from Europcar Cape Town Airport. Customers can expect specifications such as air europe car cape town airportconditioner, radio, power steering and airbags in their rental vehicles. Vehicles may come from the entry level of a brands range but they are some of the later models. Europcar always tries to upgrade their fleet to include newer vehicles.
  • Medium- these are sedans or smaller SUV vehicles. They are a little pricier but customers would also get more detailed specifications in their vehicle in terms of luxury. The higher daily rates are worth it to some customers who value a comfy drive.
  • Large- the large vehicles are minibuses or vans. They are larger to accommodate for the extra space needed, either for items or people.

europe car cape town airportTry not to wait until you get to Cape Town Airport to book a vehicle. There may be a possibility that the type of vehicle you require, may be booked out. Go online, to a site such as this one. On our home page has a booking engine. Enter the dates you would be in Cape Town into it and you would get a full listing of all vehicles that are available for renting from Europcar Cape Town Airport. This can be done months before the actual trip, which means you would almost certainly get the vehicle you are after. Customers booking the online way, also take care of majority of the rental process beforehand, meaning a faster check-out with the vehicle during the pick-up.


Vehicle Extras

GPS rentals- Europcar Cape Town Airport customers can rent out TOM TOM units. They are able to direct drivers verbally in well over 20 languages to any destination in the city, once an address is entered into it. By driving directly there, Europcar customers get to save both time and money.europe car cape town airport

Hand steering controls- the hand control kits can be fitted into certain automatic cars with the brake and acceleration pedals then being controlled through the steering column. Since they have to be connected for the rental, the vehicle will undergo a quality check before being rented out. The controls will only be let out to drivers who have the skill set to handle the modifications to the vehicle. These have to be booked 3 days in advance so the necessary prep work can be done.

Portable bicycle racks- the rack fits onto the back of the rental vehicle and can carry up to 3 bikes. The safety straps ensure the bikes are always steady during travel.

Protective window film- this is a polymer type film which attaches to the glass and provides a layer of protection against sunlight and even smash and grab.europe car cape town airport

Child safety seat- car seats must be rented if a child under 3 years will be travelling in the Europcar vehicle, as it is against the law to not do so. During the reservation, the weight of the child will be requested so that the correct size of safety seat can be reserved at Europcar Cape Town Airport.

Waivers- waivers at Europcar Cape Town Airport cover damage and loss of rental vehicle. The standard waiver is cheaper but in the event of damage or loss, the excess paid by the customer is higher. The super waiver is more expensive but in the event of damage or loss, the excess required of the customer is much less.

Data on the Go- a mobi broadband router can be hired from Europcar Cape Town Airport with access to 1GB per day of rental. The device ensures that Europcar customers have internet access to connect them to the world.


Additional Europcar Services

  • DriveClub- is a loyalty rewards programme for Europcar customers. People making use of regular car rentals should look into signing up, because there are loads of benefits that are earned just by renting a Europcar vehicle. These include discounts, upgrades and exclusive entry into competitions open only to club members. Members receive a whopping 10% discount on all car rental bookings done at Europcar. This immediate savings is reason in itself to sign up for the service.
  • BusinessConnect- businesses can sign up to this programme to control their rental car needs at one point. Companies will have access to invoices and a special online booking facility along europe car cape town airportwith lower rental rates. Employees of the company will also benefit by making their way out with a rental vehicle so much faster because credit cards are not needed and priority is given to them at the branch.
  • Chauffeur Service- Europcar Cape Town Airport provides a chauffeur service. Professional and experienced drivers will drive customers around the city. Get in some sightseeing in one of the most beautiful cities on earth or tackle some last minute prep for an important business meeting.
  • Ready Service- by signing up for this service, Europcar customers get to just show identification at the Ready Service counter and be off with their car. They are not situated at every branch but Europcar Cape Town Airport does offer this service.
  • Voyager Miles- through a partnership with South African Airways, Europcar customers can earn bonus Voyager Miles when renting out vehicles for a certain amount of times within a year.
  • Assistance- Europcar Cape Town Airport, along with the rest of the branches nationwide have a 24 hour operational call centre. This call centre can be utilized for reservations of vehicles, roadside and tow services, or help with anything else relating to the hired car.
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