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Discover The Mother City!

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Discover The Mother City!

Tourists flock to Cape Town all around the year without fail! This city has retained the hearts of many. Wedged between the Atlantic ocean and the beautiful Table Mountain, Cape Town is a stretch of coastline. Also known as “The Mother City”, it always has something to impress you! Its magic extends well beyond its beauty – from great shopping at V&A Waterfront or Canal Walk to wine tasting, beautiful parks, safaris, a vibrant nightlife and more.national car rental cape town airport

Discover the mesmerizing Cape Town aboard a rental car!

Wherever you’re heading to in Cape Town, the only thing between you and freedom boils down to transportation. While you could take a cab or hop-on, hop-off bus to roam around, you’ll be missing out on some of its fantastic views and you’ll be hindered by the schedules, not to mention how expensive it can be!national car hire cape town airport

Hiring a car (from National Car Rental at Cape Town Airport for example) will enable you to stop at whatever sights you fancy as you travel and enjoy the city as you want! Moreover, car rentals offer a wide range of advantages, including:

  • Freedom to explore – Renting a car will allow you to explore remote places freely, even the places that are harder to reach by bus or taxi.
  • Money saving – If you use a taxi or bus from a place to another, the cost can quickly mount up.
  • Mileage – Renting a car from National Car Rental at Cape Town Airport, for example, gives you car rentals at Cape Town airport with unlimited rentals at Cape Town airport with unlimited mileage


On the other hand, renting a car can also come with its own set of complications such as rules of the road, permitted blood alcohol levels and more that can differ from your country. Before embarking into this, you should:

  • Know the local traffic laws
  • Consider an International Driving Permit if required
  • Know your limits (both in terms of skill and alcohol tolerance)
  • Be sure whether you need an automatic or manual car


Book A Car Rental in Cape Town

Choosing the right rental car is almost as important as choosing your hotel! When landing in Cape Town, you don’t want to waste time at the airport waiting for your rental car to be dropped off or trying to figure out bewildering routes to the car hiring company. That’s why the car rental in Cape Town Specials from the airport are more convenient! You’ll be able to accelerate your travel experience and go straight to your car (if you hire from National Car Rental for example)

Cape Town International Airport has a consolidated rental car facility where a wide range of agencies are located. They offer car hire Cape Town specials tailored to meet your requirements and taste, from small cars, family cars to executive vehicles and more. You won’t need to wait, after landing, you’ll be able to just walk to the counter and take the car keys(if you’ve booked online) or simply rent quickly. Moreover, the companies offer attractive loyalty programs you might not want to miss!

Whether you’re travelling interstate, from overseas, for business or for holiday, hiring a car from airport offers you the opportunity to add flexibility to your travel itinerary(you’ll be able to pick and drop off the keys at the airport itself, avoiding the long wait). However, you need to ensure you’re picking the right service provider.

Things to Consider When Hiring A Car in Cape Town

  1. Cost – Hiring a car can be expensive if you don’t compare prices or rent from affordable companies. (for example, National Car Rental offers car hire in Cape Town specials, so you’re sure to get the best rates!)
  2. Insurance- Think wisely whether you need extra insurance
  3. Mileage – Opt for car rentals with unlimited mileage (for example, at National Car Rental, you’ll get car hire at Cape Town airport without mileage)
  4. GPS or maps – Check if the car comes with a GPS or map, so you don’t get lost.
  5. Contract – Read the contract thoroughly before signing
  6. Check the vehicle – Inspect the vehicle thoroughly before collecting and dropping it off
  7. Check for safety equipment and spare tyre – Ensure all the required safety equipment is present and the spare tyre is not punctured or worn out 

Now You Are Ready To Explore Cape Town!


Once you’ve hired your car from Cape Town Airport, you are now ready to explore the Mother City. Depending on the season, which will affect your ability to get specials for everything from car hire to entry fees in Cape Town, there are several amazing places to explore.

One of the more lovely drives would be to the iconic Ceres Valley (yes, where the juice is made from). Depending on your route, it is possible to drive alongside mountain ranges and has spectacular views and photos. The drive can take up to two hours from Cape Town Airport depending on speed and weather, but you’ll be glad to have gotten unlimited mileage from your car rental.

There is also the scenic wine tours in Stellenbosch and depending on your luck, you may be able to score amazing discounts. Stack this with a special for your car hire and you can grab amazing snacks for your drive from Cape Town. Alternatively, if you are more of a night life person, there is always the infamous Long Street where pubs and night clubs can be found back to back.

When travelling to Cape Town you can rent in confidence knowing the car rental companies at the airport has got you covered!






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