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Cheap car rental Cape Town

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Cheap car rental Cape Town Companies

  • Cheap car rental Cape Town companies
  • Take home an African souvenirs
  • Go wine tasting at the Cape Winelands

With a cheap car rental Cape Town company you are able to fully explore and dive into what Cape Town has to offer. With loads of activities, there is no way you will ever get bored. But do not despair; you can still enjoy Cape Town even in a tight budget all thanks to cheap car rental Cape Town companies. So what places can one visit with your rented vehicle?

Why don’t you explore the continent’s unique tastes and flavours. Cape Town offers cuisine from all over the African continent. It is for the more adventurous eaters. Food include; Xhosa fare like samp (crushed maize used in porridge) and marog (African spinach) etc. There are various restaurants all over Cape Town that offer all sorts of tantalizing food. It is not just about the food but also the atmosphere too. You do not need to worry as most restaurant have lovely atmosphere in Cape Town.

Places to go with your cheap car rental Cape Town company car:

African souvenirs

You can visit Pan African and Greenmarket Square for beautiful pieces. But do not limit yourself to only these two markets. There archeap car rental cape towne other markets across Cape Town that will catch your eye as they are more unique and stock hand crafted objects made right in front of you. Beading is something South African cultures have perfected.  Do remember to pack lightly so that you have space to fill up with your African mementos. Your friends and family will highly appreciate the gifts. With a cheap car rental Cape Town company you do not have to worry about travelling to all these markets and more.

Cape Town and Fish!!!!

Some of the world’s finest tuna can be found right here in Cape Town. You can count on Cape Town to provide sea food at affordable prices and plentiful portions. You a surely guaranteed that the sea food on the menu at restaurant next to the harbor a fresh. Probably catched early morning.  Fish is a staple for the locals who fish to bring in money into the household. A famous spice widely used when preparing the fish is peri peri spice; locals claim that it makes a big difference to the meal.

Cape Town Winelands

With a cheap car rental Cape Town company you are able to visit the Winelands. It is only an hour drive from Cape Town, a drive that any tourist has to make with their cheap car rental Cape Town company vehicle. There are vineyards for kilometers none ending, beautiful mountains, and wine estates with history attached to them and a lot of wine. You find well known and highly recognized wine brands at the Cape winelands. Nearly every cheap car rental cape townfarm and estate in the area offer wine tasting, that’s more reason you have to drive to the winelands. To fully enjoy this outing, remember to bring along a friend who doesn’t drink and add them as an additional driver with your car hire Cape Town company.

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