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Cheap car hire Cape Town

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cheap car hire cape townCheap car hire Cape Town companies, pocket savers!!!

  • List of cheap car hire Cape Town companies
  • Avis  is an established car hire company
  • Sixt is an affordable car rental company

Cape Town is the second-most popular city in South Africa, also known as the mother city. Cape town is the capital city of western cape, an area whichcheap car hire cape town is regarded as one of the most beautiful regions in the world. Cape Town has beautiful white sandy beaches along the coastline and winelands that produce the best wines in the world. Table mountain is ranked as one of the 7 wonders of the world, and where can you find table mountain if not in cape town. Cape Town offers this and more to local and international tourists. It is a big city that is quite dispersed, getting around can be expensive especially if you do so via cabs. With cheap a car hire Cape Town company you are able to enjoy all of this and more at an affordable price. Cheap car hire Cape Town companies understand how easy it is for costs to start pilling up, and have dedicated their time and resources to provide greatservice at an affordable price.

Cheap car hire cape town companies include:

Avis rent a car

Avis rent a car is one of the leading South African Car Rental Companies. They have over 130 car rental branches in South Africa. It is a well-known and trusted brand used by many South Africans. Not only do they have a wide rental fleet but they also have excellent customer service. They won the prestigious SA Service Awards in 2011. Such accomplishments are the reason why Avis rent a car are such a success to consumers. You would think such a big brand would be on the expensive side, but you thought wrong. Avis rent a car is one of the cheapest car hire cape town companies. Why not use your rented vehicle to visit the oldest building in South Africa, The Castle of Good Hope. It was built between 1666 and 1679 by the Dutch East India Company. There are guided tours conducted from Monday to Saturday and self-guided tours making use of a map available.

Sixt rent a car

Sixt has a fleet of well serviced vehicle, so you do not have to worry about break downs. Their fleet ranges from small cars to SUV’s and 4
x4’s. You are spoilt for choice with Sixt rent a car. When it comes to cheap car hire cape town companies, Sixt is a brand that competes with the best. Because cape town is such a huge city you have a choice to add an additional driver, just to make driving a bit easier for you. They have all sorts or deals and promotions you need to look out for. One thing I love about Sixt is that their offices are open every day even during bank holidays and late hours. So why not take a drive with your rental vehicle to view African Penguins. They can be found at Boulders Beach, which is situated just after the naval port and picturesque village of Simons’s Town. The beach is populated with African Penguins who have made the beach their home cheap car hire cape townandbreeding ground. There are due fewer predators on this part of the coast.

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