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Cash Car Hire in Cape Town

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Cash Car Hire in Cape Town

car hire cape town airport on a budget Need a car in Cape Town but don’t have a credit card? Here are some options

Traditionally it used to be the case that without a credit card, you had no way of booking a rental car in South Africa. But times have changed, and cash car hire Cape Town bookings are available if you know where to look.

Why do most companies insist on credit card booking and security?

Most companies consider it a huge risk to let someone be in possession of a huge asset such as a vehicle without a credit card. Not only is it easier to secure and refund a deposit from your credit card, it is usually also taken as a sign that you are a commerce-savvy consumer of good credit standing. It may be that your lack of a credit card has nothing to do with your credit rating as you prefer to live a credit-free life but traditionally this has been construed otherwise.

cash car hire cape town

What is the cash car hire Cape Town scene like now?

Car hire Cape Town with no credit card is possible at some major rental companies such as Hertz, Avis and Alamo using a debit card. Each company uses different criteria – you need to find out if they will check your credit or not, what the deposit is, if an excess is payable and what other stipulations there are. Hertz, for example, will run a credit report while Avis will ask for an additional cash hire cape town airport on a budget

These established companies do not accept all debit cards, especially not from overseas travellers. Betta Car Hire in Cape Town will offer you a cash-only contract. They require an electronic funds transfer. Find out exactly what is required before the time.

When looking for car hire at Cape Town airport on a budget and cash car hire in Cape Town, consider all companies. Websites are your friend. Do not only approach the companies physically situated at the airport. There are many smaller vehicle rental companies operating in the cash and debit card payment space to fill the vacuum created by the bigger companies.


An outline of how the cash car hire in Cape Town – and elsewhere – is working

Betta Car Hire specializes in debit order rentals. If you’re searching for car hire at Cape Town airport on a budget and car hire in Cape Town with no credit card they are a good place to start. Long-term rentals, meaning more than four days, start at R99 per day. They have clearly set out their framework for cash contracts and the reality is that for most of the companies operating on this basis, the requirements would be the same, give or take a few variations:

  1. Rates are inclusive of unlimited mileage and comprehensive insurance.
  2. Rates are quoted and calculated on a 24 hour hire cape town no credit card
  3. Payment is by embossed credit cards (digits raised) only.
  4. Hirers must have recognised credit cards (VISA or Master).
  5. Debit cards, checks, Diners or Amex are not accepted. An electronic funds transfer is required. A funds enquiry is done before the time to ensure that you have fund available to transfer.
  6. The full hire amount is put through as a transaction on the day of car delivery.
  7. A deposit of R5000 is payable.
  8. Standard insurance comes with the car hire. An excess of R5000 is payable by you in the event of an accident.
  9. A copy of your ID and Driver’s Licence is required. International Driver’s Licences are not accepted.
  10. The hirer is responsible for paying all fines, and a R100 admin charge will be levied on this.
  11. You may not cross the borders of South Africa with the car hire cape town

In general, the Amex card is not very helpful in South Africa. The card grew out of favour due to exorbitant interest rates with customers. Many retailers and restaurants also do not accept American Express. The R5000 deposit is higher than when you pay by credit card in South Africa – about R3000.

As for other options for car hire at Cape Town airport on a budget and car hire in Cape Town with no credit card, consider Mango car hire. Mango gives you the option of paying for your flight, car and hotel in person at the airport, via some outlets and retailers, and also with your Edgars Thank You Card. You’ll also get a discount for booking a package.


What if your debit card is not accepted?

If you’re an international traveller in particular and looking for car hire at Cape Town airport on a budget and car hire in Cape Town with no credit card, and your debit card is not accepted or your don’t have a local licence, speak to an option such as Betta Car Hire as outlined above, and see if they will allow you to use the licence of a local friend or hire cape town no credit card

You can also try and use a local’s debit card, and reimburse them. This would mean asking the person who’s debit card or licence it is to rent a car in their name and with you as the second or additional driver. In most cases the rental would then come with limited mileage of 100 km or 200 km a day. You will be charged for going over this.

Other car hire in Cape Town with no credit card options include MLT Car Hire, Penny K Car Hire and Rhino Car Hire.

Finally, also consider the classifieds when looking for car hire in Cape Town with no credit card. Visit sites such as Gumtree and OLX. OLX in particular has a car hire section, and you can chat with private individuals hiring out their car to see what their terms and conditions are. It is up to you to negotiate the excess or any other stipulation.

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