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Car rentals in Cape Town

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Quick tips from Car rentals in Cape Town

  • Get ahold of a reliable car rentals in Cape Town
  • Remember to bring your own camera
  • Remember to bring your camera

5 Tips from car rentals in Cape Town

Car rentals in Cape Town make it easier for you to travel in and around the city. With car hire Cape Town you do not have to wait for public transport or pay each time you have to go somewhere that is not within a walking distance. Pack in a book or magazine.  Cape Town has plenty of beaches where you can find yourself laying down and listen to the waves in the background while indulging in your book or magazine. If you travelling with kids are fun activity is packing an animal book along and asking them to identify each animal they saw in the book. This can be quite educational and fun for the kids.

Do not rely on your smart phone for pictures because the battery dies out. Pack in a camera and additional batteries and a battery charger. There willcar rentals in cape town be plenty of moments for a picture and you want to be prepared. Capture lasting memories of your safari, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, the ocean the wildlife, the kids eating and playing, new friends, the list is endless of the opportunities you will have to take a snap or 100. Car rentals in Cape Town provide you with your own vehicle so you are able to stop during your drive to wherever to take a random picture of the sky, or whatever fascinates you at that point.  Take precaution if your camera is not waterproof when using it near the ocean or swimming pools.

Do not forget to take bottles and bottles of water. You should keep hydrated as Cape Town is a hot city with the sun almost out every day. You do not want to spend money unnecessarily when you can fill these up from your home. Car rentals in Cape Town offer vehicles with big enough boot space where you can take along your cooler box, remember to fill it up with ice and keep you bottled water chilled in there. The boot hardly gets as hot as the car.

If travelling with children, they will enjoy driving with the windows open to take in the freshair of wilderness. This is great because you won’t need to use the air conditioning. Car rentals in Cape Town offer vehicles with either automatic window control or manual control. With kids it is best opt for the automatic control, because safety is very important and you would want them to open the window to feed a baby baboon.

You can save by bring along the little extras like a GPS. Most smartphones have a built in GPS just make sure that you bring your car charger along and you are good to for car rentals in cape townthe trip. By not bringing your own GPS you are easily charged to make use of theirs. Try and avoid this. Lastly remember that car rentals in Cape Town charge for each additional driver registered when you rent the car.  Even if that additional driver is your
spouse and they are over the age of 25.

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