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Car rental in Cape Town

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car rental in cape townGo touring with a car rental in Cape Town!!!!

  • Car rental in Cape Town makes touring fun
  • Go visit the African penguin
  • Go see our national bird

There are animals that are distinct to Cape Town South Africa. With car rental in Cape Town, you are able to go view these wild animals in their natural habitat. Car rental in Cape Town offers you the liberty of going to see the best in wildfire in your own schedule. To view the animals in their own habitat, you would have to drive slightly outside Cape Town, so you need to have access to a vehicle to get there. The drive can is quite calming. Being away from the city allows you be in touch with what nature and what it has to offer.

5 Animals/ birds you have to see you while driving in your car rental in Cape Town include:

1. The African Penguin

Cape Town coastline offers some wonderful beaches; one particular beach that is quite special is Boulder’s Beach in Simon’s Town. The African penguin has made this beach their home. Who would have ever though penguins could be found in Africa? You are able to go swimming with these beautiful tiny creatures. Boulder’s Beach is just outside of Cape Town. The beach is seldom crowded which is ideal if you travelling with your kids. Boulders Beach forms part of the Table Mountain National Park Marine Protected Area and an entrance fee is required to access the shores that are home to the African Penguin, so do make sure you have money on you to enjoy this experience with reliable car rental in Cape rental in cape town

2. Chacma Baboons

Why not take a drive on Cape Point Route to view the infamous Chacma Baboon. They are known for their intelligence (opening car doors to get inside and look for food) and aggression. There are signs all over to remind you. The Chacma Baboon is a large primate with a dog-like face and has large, protruding canines. Baboons can be very aggressive, especially if you are carrying food. Baboons are able to stand their ground especially when it comes to their predators. They are able to counter-attack their predators when threatened. Baboon troops range between 50 to 100, and also have a well-developed social structure which is quite complex.

3. Blue Crane

The Blue Crane is South Africa’s national bird and is depicted on the 5c coin. The Blue Crane is the smallest of the Crane species and found mainly in the Overberg and Swartland regions of the Western Cape. The Blue Crane is in danger of becoming extinct. Of the 15 species of crane in the world, 11 are under threat. Often close to water on the bare veld you would find and egg belonging to the Blue crane bird. These birds roost in the middle of the night for protection from their predators. The male Crane normally takes the role of protecting the nest from possible danger. The blue crane has a distinctive call some would say it is a rattling croak which is high pitched which you can hear from afar. They are usually however quiet. Blue cranes are mostly not dependent of wetlands and this allows them to be more widespread than the other crane species within South Africa. Car rental in Cape Town allows you to take a drive to the Overberg region to see these majestic rental in cape town

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