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Car Hire South Africa at Cape Town Airport

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Car Hire South Africa at Cape Town Airport

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Doing Car Hire in South Africa at Cape Town Airport

car hire south africa cape town airportIf you would be visiting Cape Town, then it is a good idea to rent out a vehicle. You can then plan out your itinerary for the trip and tick off your checklist of things to see and do so much faster and easier since you would not have to abide by the routes of a shuttle or wait for a taxi. If you are flying in, then take care of your car hire South Africa at Cape Town Airport. Car rental agencies are situated right on the airport grounds, so that you would not have to travel to a separate destination to pick up a hired car after landing. Once you have collected any checked luggage, walk on over to any of the rental agencies offering car hire South Africa at Cape Town Airport. You would be able to walk in and book a car and drive off immediately if you meet all of the requirements such as being a legal driver, having the relevant physical documentation and are able to pay via a debit or credit card. You can fast track the process of your Cape Town Airport rental vehicle if you do the booking part on the internet. The reservation of the vehicle you want as well as personal and payment details can be done then. The only thing done at the branch would be the presentation of documents. Of course, you are also able to be done with online booking faster as well, by signing up to a rental companies loyalty club and have all of your details already logged in, and all you would have to do whenever you need to book is vehicle is select which one you want.


The Rental Companies at Cape Town Airport

  • Avis- globally, Avis is the brand associated with rental cars. With car hire South Africa at Cape Town Airport, this is no exception. Customers have a choice from a huge selection of vehicles, with service from not just sales consultants but brand ambassadors. You can also join Avis Preferred Loyalty for great benefits and faster hire south africa cape town airport
  • Hertz- is also a global brand with a base for car hire South Africa at Cape Town Airport. To their South African customers, they bring a world of expertise and a good group of vehicles to hire out. Hertz does not impose a driving experience limit to their renters. If you are licensed and can pay with a bank card which is in your name, then they will let you rent a vehicle with them. Customers can join the Hertz Gold Plus rewards club for fantastic benefits.
  • First Car Rental- a local choice and one of the largest rental agencies in the country. They have vehicles for every occasion along with a chauffeur service. Their loyalty programme offers members access to software recognition, fast tracking of vehicle issue at the branch and the chance to accumulate points for benefits, every time a rental is done with them.
  • Woodford- with Woodford Car Hire South Africa at Cape Town Airport, customers get competitive rates on a diverse fleet from the largest independent car rental company in the hire south africa cape town airport
  • Tempest- opened up all the way back in the 1980’s and have garnered up a loyal customer base, thanks to their exceptional service and rates catering for all car hire needs.
  • Bidvest- may seem a new name to the rental industry, but they have actually been managing the Budget brand for years. They have now taken over operations under their own banner.
  • Comet- with Comet, renters have a chance to pay for their rental vehicle in cash. In an industry monopolized by credit card transactions, Comet is a welcome relief to many travellers.
  • Thrifty- is one of the largest car hire brands in the world. They cater for both business and holiday travellers with fleet that is always updated.
  • Europcar- the bright green branding of Europcar is easy enough to spot at Cape Town Airport. In addition to a huge fleet of vehicles, their customers have access to chauffeur drive, a business rental facility and the DriveClub loyalty programme.

car hire south africa cape town airport

Making your Car Hire Selection at Cape Town Airport

Ample choice is available to anyone requiring car hire South Africa at Cape Town Airport. First up, the vehicles itself. There is always an economical group within the fleet. Vehicles here usually consist of basic hatchback and sedans. Vehicles are chosen from entry models in a brands range to keep the daily rates to customers of car hire South Africa at Cape Town Airport, as low as possible. Those seeking luxury, will not be disappointed. The very latest of models from prestigious brands will have you driving around in ultra-sophistication, be it sports cars or SUV’s. Need space, then go for a van. You can choose between a single or double cab and a plus is that these vehicles are great for off road travel. Need space just for fitting in extra people, then go with a car hire south africa cape town airportminibus? They are excellent for a group to travel together.

Up second, is the range of add on products available from the companies offering car hire South Africa at Cape Town Airport. The item that every renter should select as an add-on would be insurance. It is simply a must, so that you are covered if the vehicle is damaged during your rental period. You can also take out waivers for tyres or the windshield. A popular hire is always a navigation unit. These guide visitors around Cape Town, saving time and allowing them to see that much more of the city. A child safety seat is a must. They keep infants and toddlers safe enough during road travel that it is now against the law in South Africa to not transport kids in one. Booster seats are also available to older kids who can easily slip out from a seat belt in a collision. A bicycle rack will ensure that your bike is firm and safe on the outer part of a vehicle. Paraplegic hand controls can also be hired, but a reservation is necessary to ensure that the vehicles they fit into are available. Finally, there is the issue of additional drivers, which can be selected if there will be other people in a group interested in driving the vehicle as well.

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