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Car hire Cape Town

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Car hire Cape Town

car hire cape townCar hire Cape Town companies, wallet savers!!!

  • There are many Car hire Cape Town agencies
  • Make sure you complete half of your Cape Town Itinerary
  • Take a Cable car up Table Mountain

Cape Town is a beautiful luxurious city, filled with rich history and a long list of things to do. It was voted number 1 by the New York Times as the bestcar hire cape town city to visit in 2014. This is one of much number one spot achievement in the past 10 or so years. The only manner to truly enjoy this city and what it has to offer it through getting a hold of a car hire Cape Town Company.  Places one can visit with an affordable car hire Cape Town company and not break the bank at the same time.

Places to go with your car hire Cape Town vehicle:

  1. Cable car up Table Mountain

You cannot come to Cape Town and never ride the cable up Table Mountain; this is a great experience one cannot miss.  Table Mountain is one of the 7 Wonders of Nature.  This is more than reason enough to see this beauty. The journey from the bottom to the top takes a little more than 5 minutes and there are trips up and down every 10- 15 minutes. The cable operates Monday to Sunday at different hours of the day. With a car hire Cape Town company  you have the opportunity to choose at what time you would like to go see Table Mountain. You determine your own schedule

  1. Swim with the sharks

A quarter of the world’s shark species dwell in South African waters and around 40 of these call the waters around Cape Town home. So why not go swimming with the sharks, not literally though. There are shark diving cage tours all across Cape Town. It offers people an opportunity to really come close to these animals but in a safe manner. If this it too close for comfort than you can gladly opt for a safer option and through a car hire Cape car hire cape townTown company visit the Two Oceans Aquarium.

  1. Step back into history

Cape Town is rich in history; Robben Island was home to Nelson Mandela for 18 years. You can get a glimpse of the prison condition by visiting the site. District Six Museum  on the other hand tells the time when the ruling government declared the area ‘whites only’ and how over 60 000 of its residents were forcibly removed from their homes to the Cape Flats, before their homes were destroyed.

  1. Long Street

Long Street is a major street located in the city Bowl section of Cape Town. It is a street that has all sorts of bars, clubs, coffee bars, exotic restaurants, bookshops, African craft markets and backpackers’ lodges. The pavement is always filled with buzz of travellers, locals and shoppers. It is vibey and hip and always packed with tourist wanting to enjoy a night out and also locals who enjoy the vibe and feel of the place. Getting a hold of a car hire cape town company to sort your transport out makes so much sense.

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