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Airport taxi’s

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So you have just landed at Cape Town airport and need to get to your bed and breakfast or hotel which is a few kilometers from the airport or in Cape Town CBD. You can either make use of the airport taxi service or the normal commuter taxis or a car hire Cape Town company to get to your living quarters for the trip. We are going to look into each transport method and compare. You will then be able to make up your mind in whether to use normal commuter services or Airport Shuttle or a car hire Cape Town company

Airport taxi

Highly structured service where the costs and route are predetermined. Bus stops are placed all over Cape Town so you are able to hop onto a bus and jump of wherever you need to be provided it is part of the route.  The Airport bus runs every 20 minutes from both car hire cape townstations. The trip between Cape Town CBD and the Airport takes about the same amount of time as it would in a regular car, depending on the amount of traffic on the roads but they often take less time as they have their own lanes.  But do take note that afternoon trips to the Airport can take a bit longer, especially Friday peak hour. During these times the most a trip could take is around 55 minutes at the very longest. It’s more likely however to take closer to 20 or 30 minutes. Unlike with a car hire Cape Town company where you decide when you will leave, here everything is structured for you. If you missed the first taxi you will have to wait another 20 min for the next one.

Commuter Taxi

This is even more cost effective than the airport taxi. Most consumers make use of this service to commute to and fro work. They are conveniently located throughout the city. Every minute you will find a taxi packed with people going somewhere. Most commuters make use of this taxi service because ofthe cost effectiveness and he somewhat reliability of it.. So if you want to truly get in touch with the locals of a city then making use of the local taxi service it the way to go. The only problem comes when you are travelling with luggage. There is no room for luggage so you would find yourself having to place your suitcase on your lap for a 20min trip to your hotel. When luggage is involved then a car hire Cape Town company makes more sense. Car hire Cape Town company is your best choice in truly navigating to and fro Cape Town airport. It is convenient as you do everything in your own time. You can take another route to avoid peak hour traffic unlike the airport taxi. You can leave early; you can do whatever you please as car hire cape townthis is according to your own time and schedule.




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