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Cape Town’s live music scene

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Cape Town’s live music scene

The Goema Captains

Probably the most famous bands of Cape Town, the Goema Captains featured famous jazz music performer Mac McKenzie, Alex van Heerden, and Hilton Schilder, who required another direction by ordering traditional tunes using the important improvisational aspects of goema. Another example may be the Cape Jazz Band, an ensemble drawing all its people from different groups playing in Cape Town.

What to do

If you are searching to research Cape Town’s live music scene, you cannot fare better than the usual couple of from the venues situated right in the middle of the town. ‘Mercury’ has lengthy been the widely used haunt of the majority of the top South African Bands playing in Cape Town. It’s split into a downstairs lounge as well as an upstairs section, ‘Mercury Live’, boasting among the best seem systems within the city, in addition to a spacious stage and standing area. For individuals searching for a bit more variety than music, the ‘Zula Seem Bar’ provides a diverse selection of music including stylish-hop, rock, traditional African, reggae, and goema, in addition to live comedy occasionally. Located in Lengthy Street, it sits in the middle of Cape Town’s night life and offers a complete menu, together with tables on the balcony giving great sights from the busy city.

It could be a short trip to Cape Town, or perhaps a longer exploration of all of the city needs to offer, music is definitely an inevitable area of the urban landscape. Using the reintroduction of countless traditional tunes towards the popular repertoire of goema music, it is also becoming a different way of finding the city’s cultural history. Give goema a try, and who knows – you might find yourself suddenly tapping a feet along towards the beat.

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