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Cape Town picnics

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Cape Town picnics

Within the same area are also pretty beaches – ideal for breakfast picnics. Big chunks of rock Beach (about fifteen minutes from Seafood Hoek) is really a quiet and protected beach well suited for picnics and swimming. Among the primary points of interest for this beach may be the colony of penguins living there. You can view these little animals waddling round the shoreline and swimming within the calm beach waters. Even when you are not getting a breakfast have a picnic, this beach continues to be essential to visit although on the Cape Town holiday.

Lunch within the Gardens or Forest

Throughout the warmth during the day, it might be nice to savor your have a picnic lunch within the shade. A few of the best spots are Rhodes Memorial and Newlands Forest. If you opt to increase the hill to Rhodes Memorial, you may enjoy your lunch when you watch out within the whole city. In the harbour, towards the and surrounding suburbs, towards the city center, you are able to gaze out within the whole of Cape Town.


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