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Cape Town Jazz

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Cape Town Jazz

With everything else to complete in Cape Town, you may be pardoned for attempting to take some while to sit down back, sip on the Mojito cocktail, and relax to a few of the unique sounds of Cape Town’s music. In addition to being the place to find a multitude of South African cultures, the town can also be the place to find its very own particular make of music – goema, or goema jazz. With different wooden, barrel-formed Malaysian drum kit referred to as a ghomma, the design and style developed right into a unique make of music that grew to become recognized as Cape Town’s ‘goema’.

Cape Jazz

Formerly recognized as ‘Cape Jazz’, the background music of Cape Town sounds like the popular jazz type of marabi, a quick-paced keyboard style noted for its energy and the opportunity to get people dancing in local bars or shebeens! Cape Jazz grew to become more improvisational than marabi, however, mainly because of the celebratory culture from the city. Most from the improvisational structure developed in the situations the background music could be performed in – frequently street parades, where having the ability to improvise or extend a bit of music or song could be of tremendous assistance to an ambitious music performer! The design and style also developed round the instruments used, because the gamers grew to become familiar with instruments that may be transported manually, for example brass instruments, banjos, guitars and, obviously, ghomma drums.


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