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Cape Town Car Rental

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cape town car rentalCape Town car rental companies and their fuel efficient fleet…

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  • The fuel efficient Polo Bluemotion
  • The fuel efficient Volvo

Your trip to Cape Town is coming up, everything is planned to the last detail except with your rental vehicle. You are not too sure where to start. Take these car rental tips and widely used criteria into consideration when picking your rental car of choice for your trip. Most Cape Town car rental company will offer you a larger rental car at the same rate. It is a free upgrade. Unless you are travelling with your entire family than upgrading to a big car is not encouraged. Big vehicles normally come with big engines which consume more petrol. But this could not entirely be the case. The advances in technology made it possible to get a fuel efficient car that is not the size of a bean. Big car brands have dedicated their time and resources in making this happen. Regular car hire cape Town consumers are aware this. Because of the rising price of petrol, a fuel efficient vehicle will help your money go a long way. Here are two cars that are in the market and serving this purpose.

Cape Town car rental VW Polo 1.2 TDi BlueMotion and VW Golf 1.6Tdi Bluemotioncape town car rental

The small capacity of the engine makes it a great fuel saver in town. The BlueMotion technology in VW cars is said to deliver up to 10% in fuel and CO2 reductions. It spends an average of 3.4 litres per 100 km. VW Polo is popular among first time buyers because it is affordable and fuel saving with an added well put together interior.  Most Cape Town car rental companies have this vehicle as part of their fleet.

Cape Town car rental Volvo V40 D2 Essential and Volvo S40 D2

If you’re looking for luxury and a bigger engine, then Volvo V40 is the brand to look out for.  It is stylish, safe, comfortable and a great cruiser. It averages 3.6 litres per 100km fuel consumption, slightly more than the VW Polo 1.2 TDi Bluemotion. Volvo is a well-loved and trusted brand in South Africa. It is a pioneer when it comes to safety and luxury. Get ahold of a Cape Town car rental company to enquire if they have this vehicle in their fleet.

These are just two brands I have mentioned, but do enquire at any Cape Town car rental company about fuel efficient cars in their cape town car rentalfleet. Two things toalso take note of, one is speeding.  Speeding results in more fuel consumption. The other drawback is safety of course. There is no need to go above the speed limit. Enjoy the drive back. The other is to pre-pay for your fuel if you plan to return the car on empty. There is no need to go look for a petrol station off the airport before returning the car.

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