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Cape Town car hire

cape town car hireCape Town car hire is your best option

  • Rent a truck with Cape Town car hire
  • Arrive in style at your reunion
  • Roads trips petrol saver

Reasons for getting ahold of Cape Town car hire agency:

High School Reunion

Ten years have passed since you completed your high schooling, in a few weeks your reunion is coming up. There is just one problem, you are still driving that dodge vehicle that needs an occasional push here and there because it has problems with its starter. You went to the garage to try and fix it and the costs of doing so will break your bank. You do not have this kind of money as you didn’t budget for it this month. So what do you do? Do you not attend your reunion which you have patiently waited for 10 years, or do you become creative and rent a car for the day? Well funny enough a lot of people opt for Cape Town car hire to make an impression on their old high school mates. For that evening you will be a success even if it far from reality.


You met a young lady and you are really into her. You planning a romantic dinner at a local restaurant, but then a vivid picture of your old Toyota Conquest you drive come to head. Not the first impression you want to make. This is the ideal time to get a hold of a Cape Tcape town car hireown car hire company and start comparing quotes. Make her feel special by hiring an old vintage vehicle to go with the feel of the evening, or even a super luxury car. But please remember to mention to her that it doesn’t belong to you. You do not want to present yourself as something you not.

Road Trip!!!

If you planning a road trip with your girls or boys, we would suggest doing to with a rental. Driving from Johannesburg to Cape Town in your brand you vehicle you just bought might not be a brilliant idea.  Long distance driving is hard on a vehicle. Cape Town car hire gives you the chance to save the wear and tear on your vehicle and you avoid adding mileage on your own vehicle. If your car is not easy on the fuel opt to hire one that is and save on petrol.

 cape town car hireMoving

If you are planning to move out then look no further as Cape Town car hire companies have mini trucks in their fleet. Instead of relying on your friend’s van to pick your things up in 5 different loads why not cut the time in to fewer loads. Less time spent on labour time, less time spent going up and down and less money spent on petrol. Arrange with your group of friends and their boyfriends come assist you. The cost of a rental truck may be less than the delivery fee charged by some businesses. So this is another reason to use a rental truck with a good car hire Cape Town company.


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