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Cape Town Airport Taxi Service

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Cape Town Airport Taxi Service

cape town airport taxi serviceWhen in Cape Town, do as the Capetonians do and tick these things off your bucket list. With so many tourist accolades under its belt, is it any wonder many locals are content to explore their own city time and time again rather than leave for stranger shores?

Cape Town’s public transport system is erratic and hardly well integrated. Getting around is a breeze though – just use a Cape Town international airport taxi service to zip you around safely, conveniently and affordably.


Red Bus Tour

Tourists are not alone in enjoying this hop-on, hop-off open-top bus tour of the Mother City, as most locals tend to this at least once in their lifetimes. It’s by far the easiest way to take in the splendor, beauty and cultural richness of the city fondly dubbed the Mother City. Meander through every must-see nook and cranny from Clifton to the V&A Waterfront, Hout Bay, the Table Mountain Cableway, the Bo Kaap and Beyond.

airport taxi cape townThis is an adventure for the whole family. Audio channels make seeing the city accessible for kids and the tour is available in an impressive fifteen languages. The harbour, Green Point stadium, Kirstenbosch gardens, the beaches, the castle – there’s hardly a thing you’ll miss. It’s so much better to get around this way and then to stop at individual places you want to see more of.

You could of course also use a Cape Town international airport taxi service to revisit some of the places when you pass runs out, as the pass contains a single entry to each sight only.

The bus stops at safe public places. Since you can collect your pass at the airport with the times and collection points for that day printed on the back, you may as well take taxi from Cape Town airport straight to one of the collection points when you land.


Robben Island

cape town airport taxi serviceRobben Island has nothing to do with robbers, but seals, as its name is derived from the  Afrikaans and Dutch word for ‘seal’. The outpost is, of course, infamous for being the prison to which Nelson Mandela was exiled, along with other anti-apartheid activists. Witness some of history’s most painful moments in reliving the stark living conditions and sheer deprivation, including the giant lime quarry prisoners were forced to dig with their bare hands.

The island also has an interesting history of exile prior to this period, making the tour an enlightening one at very least.

There is no flight to Robben Island. Ask a Cape Town international airport taxi service to drop you at the waterfront and then head to the Clock Tower, where you can book the island ferry. An airport taxi from Cape Town will take you to the waterfront in thirty-five minutes in off-peak traffic. If you’re already in town centre or at the foreshore, your Cape Town airport taxi service will have you there in ten minutes at most.


Taxi from Cape Town Airport to Sea Point Promenade and Greenpoint

taxi from cape town airportA walk along the beachfront is a local favourite – you’ll even find many a local or international celeb on the seaside pavement and greens if you get up early enough. This simple indulgence is one to restore the serenity in Cape Town. Ask your Cape Town international airport taxi service to get you to Main Road, Seapoint. If you’re in town centre or at the waterfront, a Cape Town airport taxi service will have you there in ten minutes.

Explore the many quaint Miami-style beachfront cafes in the area when you’re done, or take a picture in front of the local SABC studios, home to the local national broadcaster. Since you’re now five minutes away from a Greenpoint stadium tour, you may as well make this your next stop via your Cape Town airport taxi service.

airport taxi cape town

Chapman’s Peak and Hout Bay

Chapman’s Peak is often cited as one of the most scenic drives in the world. Due to the undulating bends in the road and breathtaking sheer cliff down views, you can’t be behind the wheel if you want to enjoy the vista.

cape town international airport taxi serviceAn airport taxi from Cape Town will get you there in thirty minutes and get you over this pass to Hout Bay, or the Republic of Hout Bay, as it is fondly also cheekily called. If you’re at the waterfront or foreshore, a Cape Town airport taxi service can have you at Chapman’s in about fifteen minutes.

Once in Hout Bay, it would be foolhardy not to sample some of the best fish and chips in Cape Town. The best place to go is Mariner’s Wharf – take your parcel outside, sit on the rocks, and enjoy the prettiest panorama you could imagine.

Portuguese fisheries are the best fish and chip eateries in Cape Town by far. Think crisp, light batter, thick-cut fries and melt-in-your mouth white fish, usually hake or snoek, depending on your preference for between R50 and R70 for a generous parcel. Any taxi from Cape Town airport would know to get you to the nearest fishery. If you’re in town, a particularly good one to ask your airport taxi from Cape Town to take you to is Lusitania in Waterkant Street.


taxi from cape town airportCape Town Airport Taxi Service to the Bo Kaap

The Bo Kaap is a food lover’s paradise if you’re keen to try authentic Cape Malay cuisine. A fusion of Indian, Eastern and Malay flavours will delight your tastebuds in these dishes, unique to Cape Town, thanks to the Indonesian slave heritage of this community. An airport taxi from Cape Town can have you here in about thirty minutes.


Airport Taxi to Mzoli’s Place

A taxi from Cape Town airport to this place, famously called ‘heaven’ by Jamie Oliver is a must if you’re a meat-lover. This is for serious carnivores – order your meat and have it barbequed the authentically South African way, marinated over and open fire. Ask a taxi from Cape Town airport to drive you to Gugulethu township; a mere ten-minute’s drive from the airport or twenty-five minutes from town.

The best day to enjoy your slice of ‘heaven’ is a Saturday – get there early or be prepared to wait in snaking lines.cape town international airport taxi service

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