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Cape Town Airport Shuttle

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Cape Town Airport Shuttle

cape town airport shuttle cape town international airport shuttle What is a Shuttle Service?

A shuttle is a people carrier vehicle. Vehicles differ across the many companies who provide shuttle services but they can carry small or large groups, depending on the vehicle type. A shuttle sort of operates like a bus does, in that it makes scheduled stops around a city. Shuttles however, operate from point to point in a more tourist kind of way. Airport shuttles are some of the most common forms of a shuttle service. Take the Cape Town Airport shuttle for instance. It is one of the best ways of getting between the airport and places of interest in Cape Town. The Cape cape town airport shuttleTown Airport shuttle runs like clockwork. There are many companies providing a Cape Town International Airport shuttle service so the timing differs between each one, allowing for a steady stream entering and leaving the airport all through the day. Cape Town Airport shuttle services start off early in the morning at the airport and make their rounds across the city stopping at the points they offer and then making their way back to the airport. Guests can use a shuttle at any point so the shuttle service at Cape Town Airport can be taken to go to or from the airport. Arriving at Cape Town Airport and need transport, then make use of a shuttle at Cape Town Airport. A new one arrives every few minutes so you never have to wait too long. If you need to go to Cape Town Airport for your flight back home then take a shuttle back there. Airport shuttles make stops that are popular with visitors so this does not only include touristy spots but hotels as well. Of course the shuttle service at Cape Town International Airport will not stop at all the hotels but many of the well-known ones do form part of their route. Even if your hotel is not a part of the route, it would mean a bit of a short walk, but it is one of the fastest modes of road transport in Cape Town.

cape town airport shuttle cape town airport shuttle

About Cape Town Airport

The airport is the second largest in the country, behind only the OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg. Together they form not just one of the busiest routes in the country but globallycape town international airport shuttle service as well. Cape Town Airport is just over 22 kilometres away from the City Centre. It opened with humble beginnings in 1954 and six decades later is processing millions of passengers every year. Cape Town Airport has plenty to offer passengers who need to kill some time before their flight and this ranges from shopping and eating to taking care of their banking. It also boasts its own conference centre and fully equipped medical centre. As with the other major airports in South Africa, the Cape Town Airport is Wi-Fi capable offering passengers access to high speed connectivity. Passengers are also entitled to a free limited amount of data, which when finished can be topped up and used at the other airports as well. The airport has an area outside of the terminals building where visitors can pick up passengers and where taxis operate along with the shuttle service at Cape Town Airport.


The Cape Town Airport Shuttle Service

  • Taking a shuttle at Cape Town Airport is probably one of the more economical ways of getting around the Mother City. Since you are not doing the driving and you are leaving it to a professional, there is no worry in getting lost and wasting time and petrol, in finding your way about.
  • The Cape Town International Airport shuttle service is operational from early morning until the late hours of the night. So if your flight will be arriving during the later hours of the night, a shuttle is always available to get you to your hotel.
  • Drivers are the big bonus when taking a shuttle at Cape Town Airport. They are screened, so they come with years of driving experience. They are friendly and ever so helpful. You have probably brought along 2 bags of heavy luggage along with you for the trip and the drivers help in loading the shuttle is a huge struggle of your shoulders. They are knowledgeable about Cape Town and can give an insider’s view on the city along with current events.cape town airport shuttle service 1
  • The shuttle service at Cape Town Airport is monitored 24/7. This is not just for safety reasons. By being tracked, drivers can constantly communicate with their head office and enquire about the best routes if there happens to be a hindrance on the current route. The Cape Town Airport shuttle is always being monitored to make sure it is keeping to its schedule and making its stops in a timely fashion. This only adds to the punctual service of the Cape Town Airport shuttle.
  • Air conditioned vehicles- although South Africa is known as a warm country, Cape Town does not have any of the humidity experienced by most other parts of the country. Air conditioning does provide a more relaxing ride though.
  • For further peace of mind, all passengers travelling with the Cape Town Airport shuttle service are covered with a passenger liability insurance. So in the unlikely event that the shuttle is involved in an accident, passengers are covered.

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Cape Town Airport Shuttle Vehicles

Many different vehicles are used for Cape Town Airport shuttle. They are usually larger vehicles though, capable of carrying a few people with space for luggage. The shuttle service at Cape Town Airport have vehicles with spacious seating and cooling air conditioner. This is meant to be a welcome relief from the closed quarter cabins of aeroplanes. Newer model vehicles form part of the cape town international airport shuttleCape Town Airport shuttle service fleet, as the fleet is constantly being upgraded to include only the best. Vehicles are sent for mechanical check-ups at routine intervals to ensure that they are always in roadworthy condition. The shuttles that operate out of the Cape Town International Airport all meet guidelines required of vehicles that are providing a public service. The comfort and safe passage of all passengers is the top priority for the Cape Town Airport shuttle service. Child safety seats are also available on Cape Town Airport shuttles. These seats are of vital importance to babies and toddlers during road travel. Their design is capable of giving them a great deal of protection in case the shuttle is involved in an accident. For road travel in South Africa, these seats must be used for children.

shuttle at cape town airportcape town airport shuttle service 1shuttle at cape town airport

Cape Town International Airport Shuttle Route

The route and stops differ across the many companies offering Cape Town International Airport shuttle services. It is best to go online and do a bit of reading on the companies providing a shuttle shuttle at cape town airportat Cape Town Airport. This will educate you on the stops that one Cape Town Airport shuttle provider will make so you will be able to make use of that company if they include all of the places you would intend to visit while in Cape Town. So if the hotel you have booked into for your stay in Cape Town is a part of the route of the Cape Town Airport shuttle service, then go ahead and use that one to get from the airport to your hotel. As we have mentioned, the shuttle service at Cape Town Airport operates like clockwork so there is not much of a wait time to board them. It is cheaper than using a taxi and you will be dropped off right at the doorstep of the hotel. The same shuttle may be used to get back to the airport when it comes time to fly back home. Since you have viewed the route, you would have an idea of the times the shuttle at Cape Town Airport will be stopping at your hotel on the way back to the airport. Another advantage of knowing the exact route would also be knowing the rates between places. If you are one to plan your schedule in advance this will be a major asset to your budget as you would know what the shuttle service at Cape Town Airport will cost you for the trip and you can better stick to it. If you would be paying in cash once getting on the Cape Town Airport shuttle then you would also know how much of money to have ready. The Cape Town International Airport shuttle does not only go between the airport and hotels but makes many other stops along the way and this is generally major attractions in Cape Town, which the city is not short on providing. The Cape Town International Airport shuttle service chooses their stop points as those that are the most frequented and hence, most popular. By using the Cape Townshuttle service at cape town airport International Airport shuttle you will be dropped off right at the entrance to these spots. There will be no need for you to have to find an open parking spot and then make your way to the venue. There is also no need to pay parking fees at some of the places so you can stay as long as you would want without racking up parking fees. You are able to enjoy yourself out until the late hours of the night, which the shuttle at Cape Town Airport operates until. Relying on a professional driver means you are also able to indulge in that extra cocktail or 2 without having to bother about your transport back to the hotel. Even if you miss the last Cape Town Airport shuttle of the night, then carry on partying for a couple more hours, as the service starts up again in the wee hours of the morning. The Cape Town Airport shuttle makes their stops like clockwork so you would know when to wait outside for them. A general route for a Cape Town Airport shuttle would be from the airport, hotels along the way, the City Centre, and other famed Cape Town spots. Some shuttles even go further out and their rounds may consist of areas like Tyger Valley, Bantry Bay, Stellenbosch, Strand and Milnerton.


Booking a Shuttle at Cape Town Airport

For the most part, people just wait for a Cape Town Airport shuttle, board it and go on their way and get off at the stop closest to their destination or hotel. A spot on a shuttle can be booked in shuttle service at cape town airportadvance. Booking can be done telephonically and online. Many Cape Town Airport shuttle service companies also provide a corporate account so this will make all future bookings so much easier for a company since details will already be logged onto the system and they would just need to book their spot on the shuttle. Customers can also call companies directly and request for a disability friendly vehicle. They will be more than happy to help with your request. Booking a shuttle at Cape Town Airport in advance allows for payment to be handled in advance as well. This will diminish that front when it is time to board the shuttle. Passengers can also make payment on the shuttle. It is just that many people would prefer not to have to deal with this directly after landing. After all of the stress and noise of the airport, one just wants a quiet and relaxed ride to the hotel from the airport. The shuttle at Cape Town Airport offers just that and so much more.

cape town airport shuttle service 1cape town international airport shuttle service

Alternatives to Cape Town International Airport Shuttle Service

If you live in Cape Town and are using the Cape Town Airport to fly to another city then you would need transport to get you to the airport and again when you fly back. The advantage of being a local is that you would have a network of family or friends who could have taken you to the airport. It is the cheapest option and you would maybe pay a little something towards the fuel. It seems like a nice idea but it may turn out to be not as reliable as many people have undoubtedly experienced. You would need to get to the airport well ahead of your flight departure time. Closing times cape town international airport shuttleare very strict and this is not just for the boarding gates but check-in as well. The counters are only open for a limited time to check into the flight. Cape Town Airport does have self-check-in kiosks which are open a bit earlier and there is also the option of checking in online, but if you have luggage then you would still need to be here in time to ensure that it is sent to the plane on time to be stored in the cargo hold. Only smaller luggage items are allowed in the cabin of the plane as the spacing is just so limited. This is why it is so important to be early. Without checking in, you would not have your boarding pass to board the plane. Even if you do arrange your transport with someone reliable and they have an emergency, they will let you down and leave you hassling for a last minute ride to the airport. This is not a problem to worry about with the shuttle service at Cape Town Airport. If a driver is unable to drive for the day then a replacement will be sent to fill in his space. The Cape Town Airport shuttle does not make stops to addresses outside of its route though the companies offering shuttles at Cape Town Airport do provide private transfers which can be used.shuttle service at cape town airport

A taxi is another good last minute option if you are stuck for transport though the prices are famous for being on the high spectrum of things. Taxis as well can be booked in advance or passengers can simply hail one down at the airport. Although expensive, they offer a private vehicle to be transported in Cape Town.

A rental car is the final method of transport we will be discussing, when it comes to travel around Cape Town. They offer a freedom to drive around at will but can only be rented out if you are a cape town international airport shuttle servicelicensed driver. If you do not qualify or simply do not know how to drive then the Cape Town International Airport shuttle will be a good way further, in exploring the city. For those who do qualify though, car rentals in Cape Town range from large to independent companies. There is further choice in the type of vehicle you would wish to rent. They offer everything from something light and small to spacious and luxurious. To add to the rental list there are also side products which can also be hired such as GPS units, paraplegic hand controls, child safety seats and bicycle racks. If you simply do not want to be responsible for a vehicle and want a more carefree time in Cape Town then a rental car is not the way to go. With a shuttle service, you would simply pop in at one of their stops and get out at another without having to worry about leaving a vehicle behind.

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