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Cape Town Airport Shuttle Services

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Cape Town Airport Shuttle Services

cape town airport shuttle servicesshuttle services cape town airportAbout the Shuttle Services at Cape Town Airport

The shuttle services at Cape Town Airport is just one of the transport options available to travellers to and from the airport. Like all shuttle services, they provide a revolving transfer service. The Cape Town Airport shuttle services begin at the airport and then follow a set itinerary to stops around the city and then back again to the airport. Once the shuttle is back at the Cape Town shuttle to cape town airportAirport, it will make its way back on the same route until the end of the night. The Cape Town Airport shuttle services will always go the same route, irrespective of whether it is carrying any passengers or not. Airport shuttles are there to service travel needs for the most part, but anyone in the city is welcome is hop on if the route happens to be going somewhere they are travelling to. The shuttle starts of at Cape Town Airport. Many companies operate at the airport so the stops and routes will differ between them but for the most part, stops include hotels and shopping centres in the City Centre. Outside of this stops are made to popular visitation spots in the Cape.


Why use the Cape Town Airport Shuttle Services?

The shuttle services at Cape Town Airport really are the cheapest way of getting out of the airport, and additionally, the route along the way covers many tourist and popular town spots. This allows for people to use the shuttle services at Cape Town Airport even if they will not be going to or from the airport itself. Use the shuttle services at Cape Town Airport to first of all, get out of the shuttle services cape town airportairport and to the hotel. Shuttles stop at several points in the city centre where many of the hotels are located so you have an easy time of getting out and making your way to check yourself in. Once settled and refreshed, the Cape Town Airport shuttle services can be used to get around. You will jump on when the shuttle next comes around, or simply use another. You see, there are many companies running shuttle services at Cape Town Airport so you are never left behind or have too much of a wait. Get an idea of the shuttles route so that you can plan your day accordingly. Get off at any of the stops, be it in the City Centre for some retail therapy or the beaches for a fun day out. Once you are done, just wait at the spot where pick-ups are done. There’s no need to deal with the headaches that come with driving or finding parking and then making your way to the venue. You will be dropped off at the door. The Cape Town Airport shuttles are available throughout the day. Shuttles cease operations late at night but companies do realize that their main service is airport transfers so if there are flights landing after the normal closing times, they will ensure that there is a shuttle running its route. This can be confirmed with a quick phone call to the shuttle company. Shuttle spots can also be booked. This is done online or telephonically. As well as arranging a shuttle spot in advance, customers are also able to take care of payment. Customers, at the point of booking can also request to have a child safety seat to be brought along for the transfer or enquire as to whether the company has a vehicle modified to fit in a wheelchair based person.

cape town airport shuttle servicesshuttle services cape town airport

Shuttle to Cape Town Airport

Using a shuttle to Cape Town Airport is a no fuss way to catch a flight. As a shuttle makes its way back to Cape Town Airport on one of its many trips during the day, it can be used by passengers toshuttle to cape town airport get to the airport from the hotel. Taking a shuttle to Cape Town Airport means knowing the times it will be coming round to its stop near the hotel and only having to go out with the luggage then. The driver of the shuttle to Cape Town Airport will load the vehicle with all checked luggage. Since rates are predetermined, there will be no bartering of prices and passengers can have the set amount ready beforehand. Taking a shuttle to Cape Town Airport will have passengers enjoy the iconic scenery of Cape Town one last time before flying out. Guests can be sure that taking a shuttle to Cape Town Airport will get them there well ahead of time for check-in or boarding.

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Safety Standards of the Shuttles in Cape Town

There are 2 aspects which are greatly monitored on the Cape Town Airport shuttle services.

  • The first is the drivers. the calibre of drivers is of vital importance because as well as entrusting them with the safe transport of passengers, they are also the face of the company providing shuttle services at Cape Town Airport. Passengers are ensured that they will be greeted by friendly drivers with that warm South African hospitality. They also give much needed help in shuttle to cape town airportloading all luggage into the vehicle. One hardly wants to bother with this after a tiring flight. Drivers maintain constant contact with the head office and are alerted of accidents on their route and diversion solutions. Drivers are well equipped to handle transportation to the public. Passengers on all Cape Town Airport shuttles are also covered by a liability insurance.
  • The second is the vehicle itself. All Cape Town Airport shuttle services belong to the transportation board and as such, all vehicles are always well maintained. This is important because inspections are done and all vehicles must pass a roadworthy test in order for the company to keep operating as normal. Vehicles have tracking devices installed in them. This is to monitor if the vehicle ever goes off course and for immediate action to be taken, if so. It is there to also ensure that the driver is on schedule with his Cape Town Airport shuttle services route.shuttle services cape town airport
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