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Cape Town Airport Parking Services

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Cape Town Airport Parking Services

katanga parking cape town airportcape town airport valet parkingThe Cape Town Airport is the main entry point into the Mother City and handles millions of pasengers every year. For transport into or out of the airport, passengers can make use of car rentals, shuttles or taxis. Majority of visitors though, prefer to come along with their own means of transport. This could either mean getting someone they know to drop them off at the airport or to drive themselves. Cape Town Airport has an abundance of amenities so drivers and any other visitors can enjoy these after saying goodbye to a loved one, or pass some time there while awaiting their arrival back into the city. There are plenty of paidcape town airport parking services parking bays at the airport, however if you wish to not drive around in circles for a bay near the entrance or eventually settle for a far out bay, then why not make use of the Cape Town Airport parking services. A valet service is where a driver will pitch up to an attendant and hand over his keys, get a receipt and be on his way. The valet attendant will take the vehicle and have it parked in secure premises. Valet spots are near to entrances so that drivers can quickly make their way into the venue. Upon returning, drivers will hand over their receipt and an attendant will bring back their vehicle. There are 2 companies which guests can make use of for valet parking at Cape Town Airport. They are the Katanga and Executive Cape Town Airport parking services. Valet parking at Cape Town Airport can also be used by those who would be flying out of the city for a couple of days. Having a vehicle taken care of by a reputable company offering Cape Town Airport parking services is much safer than leaving it at home, unattended. This way, you would also have your own transport to and from the airport and will not be reliant on anybody else.

cape town airport parking services

Katanga Parking Cape Town Airport

Katanga is one of the names one will encounter when looking for Cape Town Airport valet parking. Katanga has become a trusted name for valet parking at Cape Town Airport and their katanga parking cape town airportclients sing their praises. Katanga Parking Cape Town Airport has been in business for over a decade, and with their friendly and efficient service, have grown leaps and bounds. Their staff are professional drivers so all vehicles entrusted to them will be in the best of hands. Their service is simple for valet parking at Cape Town Airport.

  • Drop off your vehicle with an attendant.
  • Get help with your luggage
  • Check in your vehicle at the main desk
  • Be on your way to your flight


katanga parking cape town airportHow to find Katanga Parking?

Katanga Parking Cape Town Airport is located in Parkade 2. Offices are right on the ground floor, giving clients easy access to just drop their vehicle off. The orange branding of the company is an instant giveaway to their location.


Additional Services Provided by Katanga

Have any of the following services done at Katanga valet parking at Cape Town Airport without having to wait like you would at a regular car wash place.

  • A wash and vacuum of your car. This is provided as a complimentary service by Katanga Parking Cape Town Airport. While you are away on business, your car will receive a well-deserved pampering. Arriving back home to a spanking clean car is just the best feeling after a long and tiring day.
  • A mini valet clean is also offered by Katanga Parking Cape Town Airport. In addition to the detailed wash and vacuum, the vehicle will be given a tyre and dashboard treatment.valet parking cape town airport
  • A hand polish. A well-polished car can look years newer than its true age. Unfortunately, it is the hand polish which gives the best finish. As anyone who has ever attempted this knows, it is nightmarish hard work. Why not have a skilled polisher tackle this for you at Katanga Parking Cape Town Airport. Get your vehicle back, looking as good as it did on the very first day you got it.
  • Full valet. All of the above mentioned services make up the full valet at Katanga Parking Cape Town Airport. A valet clean is an in-depth clean. If you had ever gotten it done you would know that every inch of the vehicle is meticulously cleaned.
  • A leather treatment. Leather is an absolute luxury to be seated on, and on the other parts of the vehicle they do give off a classic look. They do have a long lasting lifespan if they are cared for properly. Katanga Parking Cape Town Airport provides said leather treatment whilst the vehicle is in their care.

valet parking cape town airport

Executive Parking Cape Town Airport

The Cape Executive Parking is another option for Cape Town Airport valet parking. Their target market is geared towards the business traveller, but really anyone can make use of their Cape Town Airport valet parking services. Their aim is to start off the trip to the airport in a seamless fashion. Often times, not finding a parking bay or parking really far away especially if it is a bad weather executive parking cape town airportday, can put a person in a real bad mood and ruin their entire day. This is especially annoying if you would be travelling to another city and have a busy enough day, as it is. With Executive Parking Cape Town Airport, all of this is easily avoidable. They provide the following to their clients.

  • Location at an easily accessible spot, which is just a short walk to the terminal building. Timing is really of the essence when it comes to taking a flight at the airport. Check-in closes strictly on time and if you miss it then you would not be assigned a seat, be allowed check-in luggage or get your boarding pass. Without the boarding pass, you will not be able to board your flight. Passengers need to ensure that they have set aside enough of time and there are instances when the few minutes saved by using the Cape Town Airport valet parking has allowed passengers to dash to these lines in the nick of time.
  • Over a 130 undercover parking bays for Cape Town Airport parking services. Bays are leased from the airport by the valet company and are for their sole use. Cars are safer because access to this area is limited to just staff members.valet parking cape town airport
  • 24 hour full security in the building. As just mentioned, safety of a vehicle is much higher in the Cape Town Airport valet parking lots due to restricted access.
  • All vehicles will be washed and vacuumed as a standard service from Executive Parking Cape Town Airport. There is no additional fee for this service though if clients do want to take it further and request any other detailed cleaning then it can be arranged beforehand.
  • Additional vehicle services such as filling up the tank or vehicle servicing can be arranged if clients do require it from Executive valet parking at Cape Town Airport.
  • Long term parking is also available but will have to be arranged with the company. The airport itself does offer a long term parking option, but it will mean leaving your car idle for a period of time. You would return to a vehicle which has undoubtedly collected a good layer of dust.

The following 3 steps are the process to using Executive Parking Cape Town Airport.

  • executive parking cape town airportThe first step would be to book a spot in the parking bay. Executive valet parking at Cape Town Airport requires pre-booking of services from their clients. This can be done through phone or email. The flight along with vehicle details must be given during the booking so that the company has an idea of the length of time that the vehicle will be in their possession. Vehicle details will include the make of the car, colour and registration details.
  • The second step is done when the client arrives at the airport. Executive staff will greet clients as soon as they drive in with their vehicle and help with any baggage. Then it is off to the main desk to declare any valuables left in the car, sign a declaration and hand over the car keys. Once over, the driver may make their way onto their flight.
  • The third step is done upon arrival back in the city. Go straight to the main desk again and get back your keys. Settle the payment which can be done in cash, credit card or by cheque. Once this is done, collect your vehicle and be on your way home.


Directions to Executive Parking at Cape Town Airportcape town airport valet parking

Upon entering the Cape Town Airport, look for signs directing you to the Parkade 2 building. You will pass the taxi rank and the main entry point into the airport. Look for the parking buildings. The building in question is labelled as Parkade 2(P2). Enter the building and remain on the ground floor. Look to the far right and you will see a Valet Parking boom. Drive here. Executive Parking Cape Town Airport staff are easy to identify, with their red, white and blue uniforms. This Cape Town Airport parking services company has its office desk just a stone’s throw from the terminal building.

Please use all information on this page as an advisory and confirm all details with thee respective company. All information is subject to change without notice and this website does not warrant the accuracy of the information on this page.  

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