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Cape Town Airport Lounges

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Cape Town Airport Lounges

cape town airport lounges The airport environment is not really a place to unwind. The energy is always so fast paced with people scrambling to be on time for check-ins and boarding. That energy is contagious and airport lounges provide the perfect solution to counter this. Herein lies a space that is calmer, with a decor setup that almost makes you feel like you are not even in an airport. Most Cape Town Airport lounges are operated by airlines that operate out of the airport and first class passengers get free access to these lounges. Access into some of the Cape Town Airport lounges are open to anyone however, at a small fee and depending on whether the room is filled to capacity. Payment, for access of these passengers, can be done every time a visit is made to the lounge or via a prepaid card which will allow multiple visits. Payment can also be done for entrance upon arrival at the Cape Town Airport lounges, or in advance.


What does one get at the Cape Town Airport Lounges?cape town airport lounges

  • Free snacks and drinks. Alcoholic beverages are available at most Cape Town Airport lounges. The buffet setup allows for guests to get their fill.
  • Entertainment- of reading material, televisions and Wi-Fi. These resources can be enjoyed in a quiet atmosphere. Work productivity is so much better in a quieter place.
  • Monitors with up to date flight information- guests will always be kept informed of their flight information.
  • Shower and lavatory facilities- these are a major lifeline to those passengers travelling between countries and are at Cape Town Airport for a connecting flight. After hours on end in a stuffy cabin, a refreshing shower is just what is needed.

cape town airport lounges

Choices of Cape Town Airport Lounges

  • South African Airways- SAA’s Cape Town Airport lounges can be found in the domestic and international departures terminals. It is open to passengers of South African Airways and Star Alliance partner airline passengers as well.
  • British Airways- BA’s Cape Town Airport lounges are also found in the domestic and international departures terminals. Only British Airways ticket holders are allowed access. There are no set times for the British Airways lounges at Cape Town Airport. It will depend on the flight schedule. Lounges here usually open around 4 hours before the first BA flight departing the airport for the day. cape town airport lounges
  • The Premier Lounge- the Premier Lounge operated by Bidvest also has a location in the domestic and International departures terminals. The domestic lounge is located on the 4th floor of the terminal building and is open 7 days a week. The lounge opens up at 5 every morning and closes at 9 with the exception of Saturdays when it closes at 8. It is open to passengers who are only flying within South Africa. Children under 2 years of age are permitted free entry. This lounge does have a separate smoking room. The international lounge also opens at 5 in the morning but closes a little later, at 11, every day of the week. The lounge is located near the Passport Control area.


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