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Cape Town Airport Introduction

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Cape Town Airport Introduction

Cape Town International Airport is the essential airport serving the city of Cape Town, and is the second busiest airport in South Africa and third busiest in Africa. Spotted roughly 20 kilometres (12 mi) from the downtown area, the airport was opened in 1954 to swap Cape Town’s past airport, Wingfield Aerodrome. Cape Town International Airport is the main airport in the Cape Town metropolitan range that offers booked traveler administrations. The airport has local and universal terminals, connected by a normal midway terminal.

The airport has coordinate flights from South Africa’s other two prevailing urban regions, Johannesburg and Durban, and in addition flights to more diminutive centres in South Africa. Globally, it has steer flights to some objectives in Africa, Asia and Europe. The air track between Cape Town and Johannesburg was the planet’s ninth busiest air track in 2011 with an expected 4,5 million travelers.

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