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Can I use my debit card when booking a car hire in South Africa?

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Can I use my debit card when booking a car hire in South Africa?

Most car hire companies across the world, including South Africa only accept credit cards as a method of payment. However, there is a niche market of companies whose selling point is catering to those customers who do not have credit cards. Below are some car hire companies who accept debit card payments, giving you ease in your travel bookings to South Africa.

car hire debit card south africa


1.Rental Cars

Rental Cars is an international service which connects customers to other car hire companies. South Africa is one of the countries that can use this service. For car hire, Rental Cars accepts debit and credit cards. Customers need to submit their valid driver’s licence (at least 12-24 months), ID document and passport. However, customers are further advised by Rental Cars to check in with the individual car hiring companies for their payment policies as they may have different requirements. You can book car hire via rental car here.

Contact: 0800 008 705


2.Thrifty Car Rental

Thrifty car rental accepts payment via debit cards, cheques and all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express). Unfortunately, they do not accept cash payments. Book here

Contact: +27 (0)11 230 5000


3.Pace Car Rental

Pace car rental allows customers to hire a car with a traveler’s cheque, debit card, cash or EFT (Electronic Funds Transfers). They offer car hire in Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town. Customers must submit their ID document, driver’s licence and completed booking form. Terms and conditions apply.


car hire without credit card south africa

4.Drive Direct Car Rental

Drive Direct Car Rental accepts payment via debit card, credit card, cash and EFT. Customers will pay a deposit. Their foreign currency will also be accepted for deposits.



5.Cash Car Rental

Cash Car Rental accepts payment via debit card, cash, EFT and credit card. They have locations in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town & various other cities. Customers must secure a booking with a deposit of R3000.00 and the rental for the duration of the lease. The deposit is refunded to you upon return of the car. The following documents are required: ID Document/ passport/ driver’s licence and proof of residence/ flight details.



6.Debit Card Hire

Debit Card Hire offers car rental hire in South Africa. They offer car hire at locations across the world and work with over 550 suppliers. Debit Card Hire will find a car hire company that allows you to via a debit card. The only restrictions are the types of debit cards accepted by the individual car hiring companies. Customers can fill out a booking form or call them directly to verify if their card qualifies them to hire a car.


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7.Tony’s car hire

Tony’s car hire accepts payments without a credit card. However, they require the customer to phone through to their rental agents for a full check on first time clients. You will be asked for details regarding your ID. Number, driver’s licence and pay slip.


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