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Bangkok to Cape Town Airport

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Bangkok to Cape Town Airport

You will find generally two departure points in Bangkok i.e. you are able to pick the Bangkok – Don Muang (DMK) to Cape Town route or even the Bangkok (BKK) to Cape Town route. However there’s not usually any plane tickets from BKK therefore we is only going to concentrate on DMK.

(BKK) Bangkok to Cape Town

You are able to choose from these cheap plane tickets to Cape Town i.e. Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Air carriers, Thai Airways Worldwide, Emirates, Cathay Off-shore Airways, Malaysia Airways Singapore Air carriers or even the KLM Royal Nederlander Air carriers.

The least expensive flight among these is Kenya Airways and Ethiopian, that amounted to about 50 % of the items other plane tickets are charging for the similar trip.

The Ethiopian airways flight leaves Bangkok at 01:40 and flies to the home country Addis Ababa. It will get there at 06:35 each morning leaving for Gauteng at 08:50 and will get there at 13:15. After that it leaves at 15:00 and heads straight for Cape Town where it gets to 17:10 the following day.

Overall this cheap flight to Cape Town takes 16 hrs and 40 minutes on air and also the overall journey is 22 hrs and twenty minutes.

Emirates can also be the 2nd least expensive flight from Bangkok to Cape Town. It leaves Bangkok at 20:30 for Dubai. You may need a crib in Dubai since it will get there at 23:35 leaving for Gauteng at 04:40 the very next day.

The flight reaches Gauteng at 10:50 leaving for Cape Town at 13:00. The ultimate journey takes about two hrs by 15:10 you’d be in Cape Town.

Other plane tickets to think about include Cathay Off-shore, Malaysia and Singapore Air carriers. KLM is easily the most costly among these and it has a long journey.

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