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Floor Maps of Cape Town International Airport

The management of parking at the Cape Town International Airport is contracted to Katanga Parking Services. 

All parking payment is done at the pay stations on the floor of your parkade or in the landings at the shaded parking. Acceptable methods of payment are cash, major credit cards, debit cards and the new Chip ‘n Pin facility. There are also parking attendants available to assist you with any issues you may have. 

Katanga Parking Services also offers a ‘jump start’ service and ‘flat tyre’ service should you be in need of assistance. To make use of this service contact 021 936 3612/3.


Cape Town International Airport – Public Parking Routes

cape town airport public parking

Cape Town International Airport – Airport Passenger Pickup Routes

cape town airport passenger pickup parking

Cape Town International Airport – Car Rental Routes

cape town airport car rental route

Cape Town International Airport – Pedestrian Route

cape town airport pedestrian route

Cape Town International Airport (CPT)

The parking provided for travellers and guests at Cape Town International Airport has been enhanced with the opening of:cape town airport parking

  • The pick up and go area which has relocated to the ground floor of Parkade 1
  • A long stay parking option has been introduced in the Shade net 2 area.

The changes have been implemented to create further service improvements at the airport, improve convenience for airport users and to ultimately deliver a better service. The Cape Town Airport is one of the busiest in the country and the airport strives to make access into and out of the airport as seamless as possible for all visitors. Parking is ever so important in such a venue. At Cape Town Airport there are plenty of options for parking, but first let us take a look at the benefits that have come along with the opening of the Pickup and Go area as well as the shaded long term Cape Town Airport parking.

Click Here For Map of Parking at Cape Town International Airport

Some of the benefits…

  • Proximity: the new pick up and go area in Parkade 1is much closer than the current pick up and go area; it’s the first Parkade as you enter the airport. It is then a quick walk over to check-in or board your flight.
  • Ample time: With a 30 minute allocated time period, the new pick up and go area allows users ample time to collect their friends or family.
  • Park to pick up: While in the past the driver had to wait in the vehicle when collecting someone, the option of parking the vehicle is now available. Remember not to exceed the 30 minute allocated time.
  • How can I help you: Passenger service agents will be located in the foyer of Parkade 1, ready to assist you should the need arise.
  • Up to date flight Information: Flight information display boards are located in the lobby so that you can keep abreast of any unforeseen changes.
  • Protection from the weather: The new pickup area is completely undercover. There is no longer the issue of getting wet, if it is raining, during those few seconds of loading or unloading luggage.
  • Long stay option: Long term parking users will soon have an area dedicated for this purpose, a first for CTIA.
  • No tariff changes: Existing parking tariffs don’t change.cape town airport parking

Important things to know:

  • You are allowed 30 minutes in the pick up and go area, thereafter, a fee kicks in;
  • The pick up and go area is meant for that purpose only, not for parking;
  • Know the flight arrival time of the person you are collecting so that you can be done well within the 30 minute limit and you can leave the space open for another driver;
  • Know how to access the ground floor: it’s the first parade as you enter the airport and the entry points for the ground floor are the very first two booms on the left;
  • Know how to access the terminal if you intend to meet the passenger inside of the terminal: move through the foyer, turn right and the entrance to the terminal is ahead;
  • Parking bays are clearly marked and the pillars are clearly marked;

If you need assistance, please call the Landside Hotline (021) 935 3737

These details were obtained from the ACSA website and are subject to change at any time. We suggest that you use this as an advisory and confirm all details at the airport.

More about the Parking Options at Cape Town Airport

Pick-up and Go Cape Town Airport Parking- With this Cape Town Airport parking option, passengers can be dropped off, or picked up from the airport by a friend or family member near the entrance to the terminal building. There is a 30 minute allocation for this service which is free of any charge. Exceed this, and you will be charged a parking tariff. If a passenger would just need tocape town airport parking be dropped off, then there would be no need to have to go through the entire ordeal of finding a parking spot further away from the terminal and also having to pay for the parking bay. Simply drive up to the Pick-up and Go area, help unload luggage, say your goodbyes and drive off, not paying a cent. 30 minutes is a pretty long time so you would be able to also escort the passenger inside the terminal building and give a helping hand if there is some heavy luggage being taken along. The Cape Town drop off parking does not insist on drivers being in their vehicle for the 30 minutes as is the case in other airports. This allows drivers to also go to the arrivals terminal area to greet their loved ones when they land. Time is important, so make use of flight landing times updated on our website to ensure you do not exceed the 30 minute free parking limit.

Short Term Cape Town Airport Parking- Here is the most popular option for Cape Town Airport parking and there are thousands of bays to accommodate this need. It is a paid parking facility where drivers will enter any one of the short term Cape Town Airport parking areas with their vehicle and collect a ticket from the ticket machine. When it comes time to leave the airport, drivers will insert their ticket into one of the parking pay stations found near the terminals and pay the fee that comes up. The fee is determined by the number of hours that was spent at the airport. Parking fees are payable in cash or by credit card. There are 2 parkade buildings for short term Cape Town Airport parking. These contain a few thousand parking bays. Being in a parkade building, they are fully covered. There are also parking bays located close to the entrances for the physically challenged. Elevators and escalators are available in the building. There are 2 shaded parking areas reserved for short term parking which are found near to car rental companies on site.  Cape Town Airport has a lot of amenities for visitors, from restaurants to the runway viewing deck which is why visitors would want to stay a while before rushing on home. Visitors could also just want some time to see their loved ones off on their journey. All parking bays at the airport are monitored 24/7 by airport security personnel.

Long Term Cape Town Airport Parking- Long term parking is also available at the airport. The bays here are done in shaded parking area and is let out on a first come, first serve basis. It is most useful for passengers who will be flying out of the city for a few days. They benefit twofold with this Cape Town Airport parking option. Firstly, they get to use their own vehicle to the airport and then again when they arrive in Cape Town and need to get back home. Secondly, the vehicle will be a lot safer on airport grounds than in an empty house. Vehicles are protected from rain and sun with the shaded covering, with security always checking around the vicinity.

Valet Parking at Cape Town Airport- Valet parking services can be found in the Parkade 2 building and is operated by the Katanga and Cape Executive Valet Parking companies. These Cape cape town airport parking Town Airport parking services can be booked in advance, and this is usually best as you would then reserve a spot for yourself, in case they become fully booked on the day you are travelling from the airport. Essentially, you would drive to their base where you will be met by an attendant who will help you offload any luggage. You will walk over to the main desk to check in your vehicle and be on your way to your flight. When you return you would pay for the valet service, get your keys and drive on home. Vehicles are very safe under valet care, as the only people with access to the valet parking area, are the staff. Vehicles under valet care get a complimentary car wash. Added deep cleaning can be done at the driver’s request. This can be a full valet clean, leather treatment or an outer polish. What better time to get your car cleaned than when you will not have a need for it for the day? Valet parking is a luxury but you will find that it is located near the terminal so there is not a long walk to get to your flight, and another plus is that you would return after a long day, to a nice and clean car.