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Airport Transfers from Cape Town International

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Airport Transfers from Cape Town International

cape town airport transfers that are cheap

There is almost no activity you can think of doing in the Mother City that you can’t do within ninety minutes’ travel time at most. It’s the reason locals adore their city and the Western Cape has the highest influx of new dwellers from all over the country. Whether you want to go to the beach, wine tasting, whale watching, surfing, hiking, mountaineering, skydiving, on a safari, microlighting or anything else, there is simply so much to experience in this city, putting Cape Town in a class of its own. The good news is, Cape Town is accessible even if you’re on a small budget. To achieve that, follow the ‘When in Rome’ maxim and do as the locals do.

Transport from Cape Town Airport

airport transfers from cape town internationalThe practical cost-saving tip is to get around as the locals do – either by private taxi or vehicle. The public transport system is notoriously unreliable and makes for cumbersome getting around, as routes do not criss-cross well. To further strain things, there is the fact that public transport costs have become expensive and not at all the inexpensive way to get around, especially considering the inconvenience factor and time lost. Yes, the trains and bus system is heavily in use, but for work purposes only, not recreation.

The modern MyCiti bus shuttle service is showing promise, and while you can plan some activities by using this nippy service, route availability is still a problem.

There are numerous ways to hail a cheap airport shuttle in Cape Town. You’ll have no problem finding them at the taxi waiting area at the airport. Use a cheap airport shuttle in Cape Town not only to secure yourself Cape Town airport transfers that are cheap, but also to happily ferry you around the city.

cheap airport shuttle cape townAirport transfers from Cape Town International

Airport transfers from Cape Town International are easy to arrange with the venue you’ll be staying at, but that is usually not the most pocket friendly option. Better by far if you want Cape Town airport transfers that are cheap, is to use one of the private taxi or shuttle options for a safe, on time, airport-to-door pick-up. You could use the MyCiti option for airport transfers from Cape Town International but bear in mind that while this is your least expensive option, you are likely to be dropped off in the city centre and not directly at your venue. You’ll then have to link to another MyCiti bus or shuttle service provider, posing logistical challenges if you’ve got luggage or are jetlagged. Convenient, reasonably priced airport transfers from Cape Town International are best achieved by heading for the pick-up-and-go parking area at the exits of the airport, where you’ll find an array of differently branded taxis all jostling to give you a ride.cape town airport transfers that are cheap

To find Cape Town airport transfers that are cheap or the cheapest, compare prices online before you land. Taxis in Cape Town operate Uber-style, meaning you can reserve rides with most providers online and ascertain a price. Prices are pay-by-kilometre. Factor in variances in prices during peak-hour traffic (6.30 to 8 am and to 6.30 pm). There will be an extra charge if your cab has to get to the airport from elsewhere, which is why it’s the best option simply to slip into one of the taxis already stationed at the airport. There is hardly ever a shortage. Expect to pay about R130 to reach the city centre or R150 to reach the V&A waterfront.

Budget-beating accommodation

airport transfers from cape town internationalAirport transfers near the airport

If you literally just need a place to crash for the night and not a stylish boudoir, stay at the Road Lodge at Cape Town International Airport. There are also many City Lodge inns throughout the city serving the same purpose. The place is clean, comfortable and convenient and breakfast is good, although it is only served from 6.30 am onwards. If you have an early flight out, the airport is only 10 minutes’ walking distance away and you can always grab breakfast here.

It goes without saying that if you’re looking for Cape Town airport transfers that are cheap, taking a taxi from the airport to the Road Lodge is one of your best bets.

Half-way to town

cape town airport transfers that are cheapThe Residences Crystal Towers is situated in the Canal Walk shopping complex, the largest shopping complex in the southern hemisphere until very recently. The complex is a mix of hotels, apartments, shopping and entertainment outlets and office park space. It is conveniently located midway between the airport and Cape Town and you will find near upmarket accommodation conditions for below U$D 100 per person per night sharing, including breakfast. What’s more, it is serviced by the MyCiti bus route, which seamlessly connects you to the centre of Cape Town.

It is also very near the Milnerton lagoon and beach area, and fairly near to Blouberg Strand and Table View, one of the prime beach areas in the Mother City.

As these apartments are so luxurious, they represent outstanding value for money and are another great option when Cape Town airport transfers that are cheap are a factor, and when you prefer to be a moderate distance from the airport. You could expect to pay about R80 to R120 for your airport transfer.

Cheap airport shuttle to the City centre

Protea Hotel Fire and Ice! offers outstanding value and an always interesting, unique experience if you’re looking for first-class accommodation on a budget. The hotel is famous for its design quirks and gourmet gastronomic creations. So popular is the hotel, that it is often favoured by locals who themselves just want a weekend escape in the heart of the city. You’ll have access to a pool and great views of Table Mountain. It is very close to the Convention Centre, waterfront, Bo Kaap, night time entertainment hub Long Street and the Table Mountain cableway, making it the perfect base from which to explore many mainstream tourist attractions.

You won’t struggle to find Cape Town airport transfers that are cheap to this hotel, thanks to its popularity and the direct route you’ll take to get there. Expect to pay about R120 for a private taxi transfer to this design-forward, versatile airport shuttle cape town

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