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5 ways to …Take a Cruise

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5 ways to …Take a Cruise

If you have never taken a cruise before it is easy to be put off by outdated notions of float and bloat. But there is so much more to do these days than eat and sit by the pool. There is a great choice of cruise styles that will suit almost everyone, whether you enjoy sightseeing in vibrant cities, exploring remote corners of the earth, brushing up your history or dancing the night away.

Dip a Toe in the Water

Taking a type of holiday you haven’t tried before represents a big investment in terms of time as well as budget. Before you book a long voyage you could try out your sea legs on a mini cruise. South African options include departures from Durban to Mozambique or simply cruise between Durban and Cape Town, stopping off in Port Elizabeth.

Go off the beaten track

Explore the Cape Coast sailing from Cape Town to Walvis Bay in Namibia and enjoy the rugged coast line from the sea. Look out for seals and penguins and ancient ship wrecks.

Bring on the Bling

Prepare to be dazzled by megaship MSC Preziosa with sweeping glass staircases inlaid with Swarovski crystals and Murano glass chandeliers. Sale the Mediterranean departing from Venice.

Go chic and boutique

Sleek new ship Le Soleal which accommodates a maximum of 264 passengers is neat enough to get into smaller less visited ports. There is a private yacht-club feel with teak decks, alfresco dining and smart sun beds.

Broaden your horizons

Take a cruise focusing on Byzantine art and architecture, Norwegian culture and politics or a gastronomic adventure. British celebrity chefs Marco Pierre White and Atul Kochhar have exclusively designed the menus for a Mediterranean gourmet cruise and James Martin will be onboard to show guests how to prepare the recipes.


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